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Matt Gaetz. He likes ‘em young.

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Feb 24, 2009
lol at his "spokesperson"

"Your story references people the congressman doesn't know, things he hasn't done, and places he hasn't been."

I mean, um...so like, his best buddy frat wingman dude pleading guilty and flipping over a (political) lifetime's worth of digital, permanent "I know this guy very, very well, indeed!" type of evidence, you better be prepared to go to the mat for that straight up lie, haha.

man, I hope we get records of his phone messaging, where this guy forwarded the Gaetz gas-pedaled in-the-nads Fark story to all of his pals, over many years, become actual federal evidence. That shit is gold.

(holy shit, by the way, if you do google: "matt gaetz gas pedaled in the nads" you get some very spooky "Google can not find anything relevant. Perhaps...try another term?" LoL, I haven't seen a search engine do that since c. 2002 or so. lol. makes me think some shenanigans are going on to get these links off the webz)

edit: I think I'm about to fix this problem of "matt gaetz gas pedaled in the nads" not being properly searchable on the google.
Must be the work of one of those internet reputation fixers.


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Jul 12, 2006
@zinfamous today it is @ch33zw1z to the rescue.
#1 search result about gas peddled nads

View attachment 49050
you see, good things happen to good people, when you truly believe!

and lol that the edit note shows up as the relevant tag in the search. hahahahahahahahahahah

Though...hmm, "Wakulla News?" ...WHO THE FUCK ARE THEY??? suddenly popping in at #3. it was all, all, all just gibberish, mere 4 days ago. For 3 straight pages!

Wakulla News....lol, no fucking way there is a "Wakulla" anywhere. click on it, it will probably take you to one of those gibberish pages of parenthetical gerund after gerund after gerund....some fake town created by web gerbils in Novosibirsk.
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Oct 5, 2020
I can't help but wonder if this isn't a legal move to protect his ass(ets) when the indictments come out.
In line with what I initially thought. Obviously without any insight into how long this has been planned (from the outside it seems rushed), it seems almost a strategic move.
Feb 4, 2009


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Aug 16, 2012
I'm laughing and throwing up at the same. Righties have become caricatures of themselves. BTW - really? Ginger Luckey?? Any woman who would put up with all this shit is just looking to get paid.
Matt Gaetz says he asked for Trump's approval before proposing to Ginger Luckey, who eloped with him amid a sex trafficking probe (yahoo.com)
Eewww! ... Just actually marrying Gaetz is gross enough, but any self respecting woman would have called off the wedding just for that.

By going from “Ginger Luckey” to “Ginger Gaetz”, she managed to make her name sound even more like a porn star screen name.

Maybe hyphenated? “Ginger Gaetz-Lucky”…