Info Looking for parental controls that teach time management


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Dec 23, 2019
I’m on my second downloaded parental control and it is driving me crazy due to lacking essential features. Anyone any advice for what to try next? The information as to whether they’ll do as I want is almost impossible to find. I suppose most controls are about protection, but the problem I have at this time is a need to manage scattiness and distractibility, not safety. Computers are dreadful devices for presenting distractions, and time management is a very important skill for wellbeing in adult life.

The features I need are:

Ability to set more than one off-screen time during the day (i.e. to have a schedule that can say no computer time between 12-1, 4-6, and 10-8, rather than only one consecutive off-screen time).

The capacity to time-limit/schedule access to individual websites, rather than the web in general. I want a set up that allows looking things up on the Encyclopaedia Britannica while studying but denies irrelevant distractions. (On the other hand, I don’t want to block (e.g.) email completely, or have it on manual control).

The capacity for the user to check all their schedules and limits easily whenever they are using the computer (i.e. they can be checked from somewhere else than the parents’ log-in). I don’t think it is possible to learn time management from a schedule unless it is independently possible to check where you stand.

Reasonably bug free. My current one keeps saying the limit has expired when it hasn’t. This does not help!

Would really value it if anyone could help, or had any suggestions about programmes that had worked for them?

Thanks :)