Latest CrossfireX lays the smak on SLI

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Jan 3, 2006
There is absolutely no reason for this manner of condescending tone and post to be made in public on a technical forum.

If you wish to provide these types of helpful advices and assistance then it is best handled privately by way of PM.

The purpose of communication is to communicate...if you know that "exspensive" was meant to convey the same meaning as the word "expensive" then the tenants of the intended communication were fulfilled.

Grammar nazi, spelling nazi, whatever the pet peeve and OCD, your venue for expressing it is through private messaging. Expressing your concerns/opinions on these topics openly and publicly in the technical forum is unacceptable.

Politely asking for clarification to a post is acceptable and expected. If grammar and/or spelling errors render the message unintelligible then it behooves the reader to request a more intelligible version be drafted and communicated.

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Epic. There's no plural for advice though :)

Still, thanks for making me giggle IDC :D


Oct 13, 2004
The main reason I went with water in the first place was I don't like to be thermally limited on my overclocking. Started with my Q9550 at the time. Once I got my 5850 with a goal of 1000/1300 I quickly learned how hot the vregs get.

At 35% or so the stock fan was audible to me. At a measly 900 or so core speed during furmark testing fan needed about 60% or more to keep vregs in 90's. One full water block later running at specs in sig 1.265v to core and with 1/2hr plus furmark temps are 40's core and low 60's vregs....No way to touch that on air!
I am entirely envious :thumbsup:

If DAAMIT's new cards kick some goals I may look to pick up another reference 5850 secondhand and play with CF later this year I think :)
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