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May 12, 2006

Skylake-S is Here: Core i7 6700K and Core i5 6600K Reviews
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Skylake-S Overclocking Summary (Launch Reviews)
- PC Perspective got their sample to 4.7 GHz
- Hardware Canucks got their sample to 4.8 GHz
- Arstechnica got their sample to 4.8 GHz
- Guru 3D got their sample to 4.8 GHz
- Techspot got their sample to 4.8 GHz
- Tom's Hardware got their sample to 4.7 GHz
- Bit-Tech got their sample to 5.0 GHz (Prime stable), 4.8 GHz (Prime + Gaming stable)
- HardOCP got their sample to 4.7 GHz
- AnandTech got their sample to 4.5 GHz
- Hexus got their sample to 4.6 GHz
- Lab501 got their sample to 5.0 GHz
- Maximum PC got their sample to 4.7 GHz
- Lan OC Reviews got their sample to 4.7GHz (Stock Voltage)
- Expert Reviews got their sample to 4.7GHz
- Overclock3D got their sample to 4.8 GHz
- TweakTown got their sample to 4.8 GHz (5.2 GHz CPU-Z Validation)
- KitGuru got their sample to 4.8 GHz
- Hispazone got their sample to 4.8 GHz
- NL Hardware got their sample to 4.8 GHz
- HiTech Legion got their sample to 4.8 GHz
- Golem got their sample to 4.8 GHz

TweakTown's Ultimate Intel Skylake Overclocking Guide

Skylake Non-K Overclocking BIOS List

List of Skylake Overclocking Results

Launch Date

Skylake-S and the LGA1151 (100 Series Chipsets) Platform were launched in August 5, 2015. Unlocked multiplier Core i7 6700K and Core i5 6600K are available worldwide since early August. On September 1st Intel launched Core i5 6400, Core i5 6500, Core i5 6600 and Core i7 6700 (locked multiplier). Core i3 and Pentium models were made available on the same day in Asia, and at the end of September in other regions.

Skylake was officially published in IDF held in San Francisco in August (15th)

Desktop Skylake-S Core i5 and Core i7 said:
Intel's 14nm Skylake processors and 100-series chipsets for desktops were unveiled in early August at Gamescom in Germany. Intel announced Core i7-6700K and Core i5-6600K as well as Z170 chipsets initially targeting gamers.
Gamescom is the major trade fair for video games held annually at the Koelnmesse in Cologne. 2015 edition was held on 5th-9th August.

Intel unveiled Skylake-based Core i7-6700/6700T, Core i5-6600, 6500, 6400, 6600T, 6500T and 6400T, and H170 and B150 chipsets on September 1st.

The H110 chipsets were released between September 27-October 3, while the Q170 and Q150 chipsets are set for October or November.

Desktop Skylake-S Core i3 and Pentium said:
Upcoming Core i3 standard-power SKUs are i3-6100, i3-6300 and i3-6320, and there will be also Core i3-6100T and i3-6300T low power processors. As can be seen from model numbers, Intel will continue to offer two lines of Core i3 microprocessors, possibly with different cache sizes and/or GPU types.

New Pentium processors are G4400, G4400T, G4500, G4500T and G4520. Pentium and Core i3 model numbers with "T" suffix are rated at 35 Watt TDP, and remaining SKUs have 65 Watt TDP. Even though Pentium and Core i3 "Skylake" products will be announced on September 1, they will not be available in stores until the end of September (except Asia). The same is true for the H110, Q150 and Q170 chipsets.

Locked multiplier Core i5 and i7 CPUs will be available on September 1st. Core i3s and Pentiums should be available on the same day in Asia, and at the end of September in other regions.

Mobile Skylake-H said:
The official availability date of consumer models in Asia Pacific region, China and Japan is September 1. That includes Core i3-6100H, i5-6300HQ, i7-6820HK and i7-6700HQ "H" series processors, Core i3-6100U, i5-6200U, i5-6300U, i7-6500U and i7-6600U "U" series 15 Watt parts, and Core M 6Y30, 6Y54, 6Y57 and 6Y75 SKUs. The consumer microprocessors will be released on September 27 in other regions. Business-oriented models will be available on October 27. These models are Core i5-6440HQ, i7-6820HQ and i7-6920HQ. Xeon E3-1505M v5 and E3-1535M v5 CPUs for mobile workstations will be also available on that date. In November, Intel is going to launch Pentium 4405U and 4405Y. Mobile Celeron 3855U and 3955U will be introduced in Q1 2016.

Full Lineup - Skylake-S, Skylake-Y, Skylake-U, Skylake-H, Skylake-EP/EX (Purley)

Desktop Skylake-S 'Unlocked, K Series'
Desktop Skylake-S (Core i3, i5 and i7)
Desktop Skylake-S (Pentium)
Desktop Skylake-S 35W (Core i3, i5 and i7)
Desktop Skylake-S 35W (Pentium)
Mobile Skylake-Y (Core m3, m5 and m7)
Mobile Skylake-U 15W Part 1
Mobile Skylake-U 15W Part 2
Mobile Skylake-U 28W
Mobile Skylake-H
Mobile Xeon E3-1500M v5


Skylake-S US Prices


Second Generation Core-M (Skylake-Y): Core m3-6Y30, Core m5-6Y54/6Y57 and Core m7-6Y75 Specs



Skylake Advancements



Skylake-S, LGA1151 & 100 Series Chipsets Platform Details



100 Series Chipsets PCH Specifications

Performance (from actual reviews, August 2015)

Results from PCLab's review, Haswell vs Skylake - both overclocked to 4.5GHz for an optimal IPC comparison.

Core i5 6600K vs Core i5 4690K at fixed 4.5GHz, Skylake is:
16.2% faster @ Battlefield 4 MP
10.9% faster @ Counter Strife Global Offensive
6% faster @ Crysis 3
22.7% faster @ Far Cry 4
13% faster @ GTA V
12.5% faster @ The Witcher 3
9.2% faster @ Watch Dogs
14.7% faster @ Project Cars
14.8% faster @ Starcraft 2
24.5% faster @ Total War Attila

Overall gaming performance per clock (IPC) from 14 games/tests @ 1080p Ultra:

Sandy Bridge to Haswell: 13.5%
Haswell to Skylake: 12.8%
Skylake is faster than Broadwell with eDRAM.

Here's results and quotes from another review, Eurogamer compared 4 generations of Core i5 running the latest titles at 1080p.
Core i5 6600K is their default choice for CPU intensive games.

Eurogamer said:
...a fully maxed GTA 5 is CPU-limited even on an overclocked Core i7 4790K, while certain scenes in the Witcher 3 on ultra settings can also cause difficulties for even the most powerful processor. Our contention is that more games like this will come along, and in demanding CPU titles, the Core i5 6600K will make a noticeable difference.

But in the here and now, the Core i5 6600K is a strong product - at worst it provides mildly enhanced performance over its predecessors, at best it's noticeably faster and should help to reduce CPU bottlenecking during gameplay. For those looking to buy or construct a new, capable gaming PC, the i5 remains the default choice and the 6600K is the best iteration yet - AMD's older eight-core FX chips are cheaper, but our tests clearly demonstrate that despite the low-power many-core set-up of the new console CPUs, modern games generally prefer the high per-core performance that Intel provides.

In the games tested by Eurogamer Core i5 6600K (Skylake-S) provides a larger performance per clock performance gain than Core i5 4690K (Haswell) compared to Core i5 2500K (Sandy Bridge).

Core i5 6600K vs Core i5 4690K (same 3.5-3.9GHz base/turbo)
- 17% faster @ The Witcher 3
- 11% faster @ GTA V
- 10% faster @ Battlefield 4

Core i5 6600K vs Core i5 3570K (3.5-3.9GHz vs 3.4-3.8GHz base/turbo)
- 22.4% faster @ The Witcher 3
- 20.6% faster @ GTA V
- 18.1% faster @ Battlefield 4

Core i5 6600K vs Core i5 2500K (3.5-3.9GHz vs 3.3-3.7GHz base/turbo)
- 25.8% faster @ The Witcher 3
- 31,7% faster @ GTA V
- 25% faster @ Battlefield 4

Core i5 4690K vs Core i5 2500K (3.5-3.9GHz vs 3.3-3.7GHz base/turbo, ~6% clock advantage)
- 7.3% faster @ The Witcher 3
- 11.9% faster @ GTA V
- 14.1% faster @ Battlefield 4

Skylake-S supports DDR3L and DDR4 memory.
Finally desktop Haswell gets a proper replacement.
Compared to the older chips:

Comparison - Skylake vs Haswell vs Ivy Bridge vs Sandy Bridge vs Nehalem CPU Performance (Cinebench 11.5 64-bit)

PC Perspective Core i7 6700K Review:

Core i7 6700K is:
23.5% faster than Core i7 5775C.
20% faster than Core i7 4770K.
36% faster than Core i7 3770K.
50.5% faster than Core i7 2700K.
86% faster than Core i7 965.

Benchmark Results/Comparisons from AnandTech Users
Head1985 - Core i7 6700K vs Core i5 2500K Comparison (@ 4.5GHz): Watch Dogs, TES Skyrim, World of Tanks, Crysis 3, GTA V, Far Cry 4, The Wicther 3 and Dying Light Tested

AnandTech's Skylake-S Overclocking Rank
ibtar: Core i7 6700K @ 4.7GHz (1.31V, Thermalright TS140bw with Prolimatech PK-1)

From the original source of the first leaks, pre-launch Skylake benchmarks:
Performance Leaks Pre Launch - Part 1

3DMark CPU Score

Cinebench 11.5 64-bit

~15% faster than Haswell clock per clock. Looks like a solid Tock.
Core i7 6700K almost matches the hexa-core Core i7 5820K, while 4-thread Core i5 6600K almost matches FX9590 (220W TDP) @ Cinebench.

Core i5 4690K Geekbench 3 score (3.5-3.9GHz, Z97 board):

ST: 3426
MT: 10850

Core i5 6600K Geekbench 3 score (3.5 base, Turbo enabled?, Z170 board):

ST: 3967
MT: 12234

15,7% better ST score.
12,7% better MT score.

Performance Leaks Pre Launch - Part 2 (July 2015)

Core i7 6700K vs Core i7 4790K

CB R15 - CPU + OpenGL: Intel HD Graphics 530 outperforms HD 4600 by 41% (early drivers)

PCMark 8 Home

SiSoftware Sandra

The first performance benchmarks of Intel’s next generation Skylake, Core i7-6700K have been leaked against the Devil’s Canyon based Core i7-4790K by TechBang. The results which compare the performance of the Core i7-6700K 14 nm processor versus the 22nm Core i7-4790K were tested on their specific platforms which include the Z170 for Skylake and Z97 for Devil’s Canyon.

The performance results can be seen below, do note that the Sisoft Sandra scores represent Core i7-6700K in blue and the Core i7-4790K in red. The performance results show significant gains over Core i7-4790K which is one of the fastest processor available in the market today. The Core i7-6700K scores around the same as a stock Core i7-5820K which is impressive since the latter is a 6 core beast in the Haswell-E lineup. Price wise, the processor is going to stick to the reference MSRP of unlocked flagships around $329-$339 US. The results are preliminary at the moment since proper BIOS and driver updates are yet to roll out for the CPU and iGPU.

But even Skylake launch plan has been imminent, the hardware that can be achieved at the moment, drivers, software, etc., are not the final official version, including the protagonist Z170-Claymore motherboard versa. Therefore, we believe can only spy or two, is not the time to make absolutely commented, formal and more complete testing and comment, left various manufacturers then the arrival of the official product. Let us wait and see!

13.1% better performance from Core i7 6700K at stock (overall).

Core i7 6700K: 79,73Mpix/s/GHz
Core i7 4790K: 67,42Mpix/s/GHz

18.25% better performance per clock.

Comparison - Skylake Iris Pro GT4e (72 EUs, 128MB eDRAM) vs Broadwell-K vs Maxwell

Based on Broadwell-K's 3DMark 11 results and mikk's leak (up to 50% faster) we can roughly estimate how a ~65W TDP Skylake 4C+GT4e would perform under 3DMark 11.

Core i7 5775C (Broadwell 4C+GT3e): 3057 points
Skylake 4C+GT4e (estimated): ~4585 points
Maxwell Geforce GTX850M/GTX950M-based notebooks (running Intel quad-core mobile CPUs): 4150-4680 points

Skylake Successor - Kabylake (2016)

Little is know about it in the moment, current rumours point to a 14nm chip packing higher clocked x86 Skylake cores and a new graphics architecture (Gen 10). Kabylake will introduce a quad-core variant with GT4e graphics and 2x 128MB eDRAM (twice the bandwidth of Broadwell GT3e/Skylake GT4e's 128MB eDRAM).
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Mar 10, 2006
Indeed. I'm impressed they managed to keep 4GHZ base clock for the Core i7 6700K too. Bring on Skylake and Gen 9 Graphics.

Yup. I wonder what kind of perf/clock uplift Skylake will bring? If it's >=10% this will be a good release.
Mar 10, 2006
Give me 15% and 4.5-5.0GHz on air and I'm happy. Broadwell was a 5.5% bump and it's a tick.

That would be pretty awesome.

I wonder what Intel's plans are with the "E" chips...hope we get more BDW-E leaks soon.

(I recently picked up parts for an X99 build that I'm planning on working on this weekend...hoping X99 will have a compelling upgrade path)


Jan 8, 2001
Indeed. I'm impressed they managed to keep 4GHZ base clock for the Core i7 6700K too. Bring on Skylake and Gen 9 Graphics.

Yes! Low turbo (only 5% vs 10% on HW) is a bit concerning vis-à-vis overclocking - may be less headroom than HW :(
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Sep 16, 2011
I think the low Turbo is more a testament of the both choice and that 14nm hopefully exhibits the tank of monster process that was 32nm.

Intel has no GHZ arms race anymore, so no need to go massively overboard with turbo creating more performance in segment such as ours.
They know we're gonna tinker like idiots and probably break one or two chips along the way anyhow.

Of course time will tell, but even if turbo could be 5,1 sustained i don't see why intel would give that for "free" for a segment such as HE Desktop.


Jan 8, 2001
It's a relief after all the negative hype from 14nm.

Ya, we just need what we get in terms of clock scaling with more voltage. The curve for 14nm is supposed to be flatter (lower increase in clocks for a given % increase in voltage vs 22nm). I'm guess that's why turbo is down from 10% to 5%.

Still, if SKL averages 15% better (or more) IPC over HW and still clocks to 4.5 GHz, it'll be a fast CPU (plus chipset features that should improve overall system performance).


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Dec 25, 2013
What is a DT processor? DualThreaded?

84->65W is a healthy bump in efficiency for mainstream. Wonder why they need 88->95W for -K despite the shrink and same frequency; does it have GT4 graphics?
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Dec 25, 2013
Where are those Gen9 graphics details that the title promised?

Also, where does this information come from?


Nov 20, 2005
Geez I hope that HEVC decoder is full hardware decode with 10 bit support.

And then I hope for no bugs (like the 24p bug) and good Linux drivers.


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May 6, 2012

If this is true, I'm disappointed. Come on, still only a x4 PCIe/DMI 3.0 link to the PCH? A half decent PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD will saturate that. Forcing one to use PCIe lines from the CPU for maximum performance. Again.

Guess I'm going Skylake-E for my next build... :cool:


Oct 10, 1999
Yes! Low turbo (only 5% vs 10% on HW) is a bit concerning visa vi overclocking - may be less headroom than HW :(

Dammit people. If you want to use French, at least spell the words correctly. It's "vis-à-vis", not "visa vi", which are a credit card and a text editor.


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May 12, 2006
If 10nm is not coming till 2017 I think we can expect another Devil's Canyon style refresh and Iris Pro GT4e variants next year. Core i7 6700K probably packs GT2 graphics.
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Jan 8, 2001
Dammit people. If you want to use French, at least spell the words correctly. It's "vis-à-vis", not "visa vi", which are a credit card and a text editor.

Thanks, my bad. BTW, it's accepted in the English language, though with the correct French spelling (like so many other foreign sayings adopted by English speakers).