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Rant I'm really angry....

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Oct 6, 2009
America has a major problem without a doubt, but they are still a minority.
That is an awfully large "minority" and keep in mind that an additional 121M people didn't think Donald Jackass Trump being on the ticket for Republicans was something worth voting against.


May 15, 2000
I think the reason you speak to me like that is theres a small chance the mods might actually enforce the new rule about personal attacks.

You need vastly improved reading skills, which we both know you are never going to acquire.
I said the government is supposed to be running lots of drills.
They dont. They run very few.

And your post just proved that. But you go ahead and mouth off like Donald Trump. You should be working for his administration with your brains.
Nice mod call out.

No they don’t need to run lots of drills, this isn’t football. They need to run enough drills to see where weak links are and address them, yearly drills is plenty. The drills were ran and the issues weren’t addressed and that’s the issue.


Jun 30, 2004
There may be multiple causation. But my pet theory is based on the underlying racism of the Trump administration and some segment of his base.

Trump's simple rule of thumb tells him that "everything Obama did is wrong, because Obama is a Democrat and a N*****." Therefore, he chose to disband the response team that Obama had built to successfully staunch the threat of Ebola.

Common sense would say that a new administration should not reverse common sense initiatives undertaken by the predecessor regime. However, since the Trump administration has poisoned much of its own initiatives with the ideas that Obama caused all of our problems, that Obama's achievements must all be reversed (like the ACA), and since nothing Trump has done reflects any legitimately acknowledged expertise either in the government or in academia, nothing will be lost or damaged by simply reversing every single thing that Trump has done.

His legacy must be erased from history.

And to hell with "letting bygones be bygones". A criminal is a criminal -- period. Gather all the relevant evidence which is surely "there", and make the sonofabitch do hard time. Screw what the base thinks or feels about it, and teach them a lesson.
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