I just found out Best Buy charges a restocking fee on returns!

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Jun 1, 2001
Originally posted by: jkats
I bought a Canon SD300 digital camera two weeks ago, thinking I could return it if necessary. I'm so use to returning stuff at Fry's that I did not even think to check if they charged a restocking fee. Imagine my surprise last night when I looked at the receipt and realized they charge a 15% restocking fee!

Don't get me wrong, the SD300 is a nice camera, but I found out I could save about $35 buying it elsewhere. Best Buy sucks!
They probably suck for other reasons...but did you ask before purchasing if they charged a restocking fee?

If not, you really have no room to complain...

Actually, you can complain and you might get your 15%. I did once.

I wanted to buy Product X but wanted to try out a display model in-store before purchasing but they didn't have one on display. So I tell the salesman that while I would really like to buy Product X, I wouldn't feel confident in doing so without trying it out first.

Best Buy salesman tells me, "Well, if you use it and you don't like it you can always return it within 30 days for a full refund."

Anyhow, a few weeks later I decide it wasn't worth the price I paid (and even then, Dell had it cheaper) so I brought it back to the store to return.

They tried to charge me the restocking fee, I told them the salesman said there was no restocking fee, I asked to speak to a manager, he called the guy over, the guy said he couldn't remember verbatim what he said, I argued with the manager for about an hour...and got a full refund.

Anyhow...long story short, you can complain and you might get your 15%