I am betting dumb angry rednecks honestly believe they can homeschool kids better with the Bible.

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Sep 12, 2012
Those rednecks won't be able to afford to abort those babies they make as usual now, so it's only going to get worse. Haha Florida you bunch of stupid fucks, enjoy.

Nah. They going to all get ready for the rapture.



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Nov 24, 1999
I'm a very skeptical, very anti-authoritarian person by nature, but something I've learned from hard experience is that it's almost impossible to be better or to know better than specialized experts. And if you think about it, that just makes sense. Whatever it is that you do for a living, and have probably spent the better part of your adult life mastering, and you're certainly better at that than someone who hasn't similarly trained in the same speciality. Now I'm certainly not saying we should take any expert's word as gospel (God forbid!) but at the same time, it's kind of silly, if not downright arogant, to think you can do better your first try than someone who's spent years learning their trade.

But that's not the point with the homeschooling crowd, is it? Like anti-vaxxers, theirs is a fight against knowledge.
You have put your finger on what I would call a very important idea to be grappled with, one I think maybe even baked into our genes. As social animals with the capacity to speak language we can transmit our life expertise from one generation to the next, provided our children will listen. I think that is why we find Neanderthal skeletons of in graves full of flower pollen that imply burial and respect for dead individuals whose age at the time of death and physical condition indicate also these people were loved and cared for while alive. The presumption, of course being, that they provided survival benefit to those caring for them due to a repository of life skills they had achieved.

In religious terms this ancient evolutionary advance in adaption to survive in the world got passed on, very possibly, I think, as a genetic inheritance to respect and to want to learn from our experts.

But as with all inclinations of positive value there is the fact also that they can also be manipulated by the cunning, the application of raw intelligence used only for personal selfish reasons.

There are no better manipulators than those who seek power money and fame and a free lunch than those who can pose as the real experts and have flowers strewn at their feet.

It is out of this conundrum, I think, the desire to trust and the fear of deceit that can only be offset by the advise you offer.

The remarkable things that I remember from the past that I believe set me on a journey to distinguish fact from fiction was cemented in me from my high school English and Civics classes where there was endless reading and analysis required of all manner of political theories and world class literature, where you had to take a point of view and defend it. In the process of defending what I believed it feels like I had to actually grow an new brain. In the beginning I was utterly incapable of articulating what I feel into words and thoughts, how to express the unconscious into something more concrete.

Anyway, I'm one Neanderthal who is of the opinion that looking at you is looking at wisdom. Hope you don't mind me saying so.