Question How to sync PC folders to Google Drive and OneDrive?


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Sep 11, 2020
I'm a college student, and I create lots of documents with the Microsoft Office suite, especially Word. Unfortunately, the Office suite will only autosave documents if they're saved to OneDrive. In my relatively extensive experience, OneDrive is significantly inferior to Google Drive; it just doesn't do what I need it to do easily. So, for storage purposes, I like to have all my files in Google Drive, but for autosave purposes, I also want them in OneDrive. I use Backup & Sync from Google to put a Google Drive folder on my computer. For the last several years, I've been using an awkward-but-functional workaround: I moved my OneDrive folder into my Google Drive folder, and put all of my school files in the OneDrive folder (C:\Users\daaro\Google Drive\OneDrive - Houghton College\2020 Fall\Senior Capstone). That way they uploaded to both places. The wrench in the system is that now I'm in a programming class, and need to write scripts and run them from the command line interface. To do that, they need to be on a local drive. It'd still be kind of nice to have the folder for my programming class in the same place as the folders for the rest of my classes, and to have them synced to the cloud in case something happens.

So I've got three needs: Google Drive for storage, OneDrive for Office autosave, and local storage for scripts.

Is there a way to have a local folder, containing all of my schoolwork, that syncs to both Google Drive and OneDrive? I've been hammering away at this for days and can't seem to find a solution that works. I'm willing to do any kind of creative/weird workarounds if there's not an "official" way to do it.


Jun 19, 2015
You can definitely save MS Office files on your local drive. You need to open your settings in the MS Office and change the save file location to local drive. I think that also work for auto save setting, or you can specify another folder for your auto-save. Microsoft makes the default save location in One Drive a few years back.
If you want to synchronize your local drive to the One Drive you can look on your One Drive "local" folder and tell it to always download and synchronize that particular sub folder in One Drive. That local sync folder will always be accessible offline.

In Office go to Files, Options, Save. There you can set where you want your auto-save files written, where your files saved and also where you want your cloud sync saved folder.
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May 19, 2011
Is there a way to have a local folder, containing all of my schoolwork, that syncs to both Google Drive and OneDrive?

I don't understand. Folder structures like those used for GD, OD and DB are all local folder structures. There's nothing remotely special about them; the sync work is doing by a program running in the background.

That's the whole advantage of such services. We've had stuff like webdav, remote folders etc for ages but they don't facilitate the weirder kinds of data access that some software needs.