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  1. senturion

    Question Things Microsoft can learn from Linux (in 2021)

    Disclaimer - I am primarily a Windows guy and all of my career has been 80% centered on the Microsoft world of software for small businesses, enterprises and the like. Over the past year I've been primarily using Manjaro Linux with Gnome3, Plasma5, XFCE and i3 as well on my personal laptop. I...
  2. M

    Question Who are the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners in the UK?

    Hi! I own a business in the city of Sydney and looking for a good solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 which can help me in the workflow. But looking for a good partner, who can help me with the deployment part.
  3. N

    Question How to sync PC folders to Google Drive and OneDrive?

    I'm a college student, and I create lots of documents with the Microsoft Office suite, especially Word. Unfortunately, the Office suite will only autosave documents if they're saved to OneDrive. In my relatively extensive experience, OneDrive is significantly inferior to Google Drive; it just...
  4. D

    Question Surface Book 2 15" owners here? Do you experience Image retention / Screen Burn-in?

    Hi, Any Surface Book 2 15" owners here? Can you guys check whether your SB2 15" has a temporary screen burn-in like effect when the screen is exposed to displaying a static screen for some time (say 10 - 15 mins)? Refer here to get an idea of the issue...
  5. N

    Question Need help getting into old computer

    Hi all! I’ve done extensive research on this issue, and cannot for the life of me figure it out. I’m trying to get into my old computer so I can access old photos and what not. So, here is my issue.. 1. I forgot the password to my windows 8 toshiba computer. The password is not connected to my...
  6. D

    Speculating: nVIDIA CPU and x86 emulated Windows

    Taking the example of Vatilla series of speculations, I started to tought, nVIDIA will return this time for the emulated Windows 10, in order to compete against Qualcomm? This article indicated that nVIDIA initially declined...
  7. C

    So Long, Microsoft Groove Music (aka Zune, Xbox Music)

    And thanks for all the Phish*. Just got this email. The Groove Music streaming service - which used to be Zune, way back when - is going away. They are transitioning users now to Spotify, which is what I've been using for the past few years. Microsoft pretty much ruined Zune/Xbox Music/Groove...
  8. EXCellR8

    Forza Motorsport 7 & Gran Turismo: Sport

    anyone going to be playing either one of these next month? Forza 7 - available 10/3 (XBOX & Windows 10) and GT Sport - available 10/17 (PS4) I didn't spend half the amount of time with Forza 5 & 6 as I did the latest Horizon game but I might have to play it anyway. I think I've run...
  9. OutHouse

    Microsoft to delay its February patches to March 14

    for those of you who care this is a bit of interesting news from Microsoft.
  10. superstition

    Microsoft's latest tactics against Win7 (scrubbed!)

    Microsoft Warns Windows 7 Is Dangerous To Use Not only did MS scrub the German page, OCN's mod locked the discussion on the claim that it needed to be because the original source is gone — even though the article was obviously documented by Forbes and someone posted an archive of the original...
  11. S

    Can I deactivate windows 10 from my PC and use it on another PC?

    I have Microsoft Dreamspark key for windows 10 but i have already used it on my PC and my friend’s laptop. Can i deactivate the key on my PC and use it on my laptop (with DOS) Can i use windows 8 key(from dreamspark) to install windows 10 on my laptop?
  12. B

    Microsoft Announced VR Headsets for $299 without requiring external cameras
  13. norseamd

    Salesforce, Google, Verizon, or Microsoft might buy Twitter

    Apparently Jim Cramer is all for Salesforce acquiring Twitter, which probably means it would be the apocalypse.
  14. S

    Xbox One X (Scorpio) SoC Discussion

    April 6, 2017 Update Original Thread: New interview with Albert Penello sheds some light on their plans for the console. What we Know (E3 2016 Info) ''Project Scorpio'' 8 Core CPU 6 TFLOPS of computing capability (SoC) / 6 TFLOPS of GPU power >320 GB/s Bandwidth* Backwards Compatible...
  15. Red Hawk

    How much influence did Mantle have on Vulkan/DX12?

    So in another thread @richaron claimed that Mantle "has inspired and evolved into two of the most radical graphics APIs in history." @BFG10K disputed this, saying that DX12 was in development years before Mantle "even existed" (implying that Mantle thus couldn't have inspired/influenced it), and...