How a third party could unintentionally lead to a Trump 2024 victory, like it did for Bush Jr in 2000

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Mar 17, 2008
That's why you have something called a social democracy. Socialism and capitalism mixed together. It's working in several European countries right now. I would be wary of dismissing the word socialism just like how Republicans do it. You are letting them change language and run their own narrative.
Oh I know it, I live it.
My mind was wondering a couple of years into the future, utopia, you know I like to dream like that, where we have fusion power, unlimited energy, UBI, automation is everywhere and as far as consumer goods everyone is set, on top of that we all have beautiful personal AI assistants at the whim, flick of a finger. What I am getting at is, if we dont blow our selves up, there may be a future where the competitive monetary element of capitalism fades.... and then what are we left with? Something without that edge.


Aug 5, 2000
And in the undercurrent of it all, I see this closet negotiating going on with all the playahs who think they can exploit their positions for nothing more than political capital and leveraging that into higher positions of power.

Most notably, the likes of Marge Greene, Jim Jordan etc. who see vision of grandeur dancing in their heads from playing up to the Magat base. On the Dem side, for sure Bernie is trying to see what he can get out of being a third party threat without actually bleeding the party so badly that it would lead to his own demise.

Would be nice to be the fly on the wall with all of this bartering going on.
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