GTS450 reviews including SLI

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Jul 13, 2008
yeah, but nobody said 4890 was quiet either. the fact is if noise is a concern, one could have easily grabbed a cheap s1 rev2 from ewiz for under $20 + some cheap 120mm and get the job done with overclocking and all. for 480gtx, there are only substantially more expensive aftermarket cooling options are available, not even sure if it would be safe to dump all that heat back inside the case. the card was already commanding a huge premium (at one point anyway), so an additional expense on top of that might have seemed a bit excessive.

as for me, I did get my 4850s stock cooler replaced A.S.A.P. if had enough $$$ to get the 480 at launch, I would have absolutely made sure that I get some water cooling to go with that.
Yeah - the problem of the GTX 480 is that it wasn't facing the 4890 but the 5870.


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Jul 22, 2009
$10 less? Did you factor in the shipping Newegg is charging for the card? More like a $3-4 difference, for a card that's 7-12% slower.
And how is this worse than having $160 5770's?

Heck a GTX 460 768 is only $30 bucks more, and reputedly 18-20% faster. A GTX 460 1gb is only 11-17% better than a 5830, for $30-50, but which would you rather have?
There is such thing as "market segmentation." The GTS450 is in the market segment of the 5750 and 5770, and its performance shows that they were overpriced. Their new pricing is much improved, although personally I'd still go with a 4870 over any of them, as that's faster than a 5770 for $30 less.

The 5830 is, unfortunately, up against the much better GTX 460's.

And it's nice to see the 5850's finally come back down to launch price. Although with the drop in the 1GB GTX 460 price, that's not good enough anymore. Now the 5850 should be at $249.

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Jun 8, 2003
Where the HD 5770 is competing well since the GTS 455 is MIA, plus the GTX 460 1GB will face some serious competition making it irrelevant after being released a couple of months ago.
To be honest I'd buy a gtx 460 768 for 155$, before I'd buy a 5770. 20$ more for a 35 percent increase in performance. Thats a no brainer. :sneaky::D

Stolen links from Russian. :)
Here is another one with only 768mb:

@1920x1080 (other than BF:BC2)
32% faster in Starcraft 2
31% faster in Just Cause 2
28% faster in Dirt 2 (DX11)
29% faster in BF:BC2
53% faster in Borderlands

Now add another 25%+ to these too because GTX460 overclocks a lot better than 5770.
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