Gordon E. Moore, the Intel Co-Founder Behind Moore’s Law, Dies at 94

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Jul 11, 2001
Great read, a lot better than NYT’s obit on Gordon Moore IMO. Oddly enough, the byline for the obit credits a former editor who passed away in 2017. So this obituary was written a long time ago (in advance is standard industry practice).

Didn‘t the DX-50 run hot, and didn’t sell very many? I don’t think the DX2 and later clock-multiplied CPUs were inferior. IIRC these introduced the multiplier from bus clock rate to CPU core clock rate, at least for x86 procs. I don’t know if RISC chips were already doing that.

I hoard some old tech crap so I’d rather keep an i486 proc than sell it on eBay. Different story if I’d been smart enough to buy an original iPhone and never open it up. One was recently auctioned for an insane amount. Ancient stuff has a lot of sentimental value to us, a 2007 iPhone not so much for me.

There‘s a YT series from a guy who bought a 1980s era, obscure minicomputer and has been tinkering with it for a while. His videos just ooze pure joy from getting that shit running, even though it’s a business computer with almost no sentimental value or practical function whatsoever.

I bought a basic (used) desktop for my GF that ran DOS and Wordperfect 5.1. She was used to it from work and wanted one for herself. I had chops with that stuff from city college coursework. Took Lotus 1-2-3 too. Still have my DOS books, comes in handy (e.g. batch files).
Jul 27, 2020
Those look like pretty good ones. The one I read was specifically about MS DOS 5. And towards the end I think I read one about MS DOS 6.22.

I used to be so obsessed with DoubleSpace. Unfortunately, found out that Stacker 4.0 offered better compression, switched to it and lost all my data one day (serves me right for trusting a stupid third party software). That soured me so much that I simply started buying bigger hard drives.