Game for me and GF

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Jun 14, 2003
how about hide the sausage?


gobble stick

very good games in my experience. hide the sausage is especially good because of the variety of places in which it can be hidden.

failing that, get a 360 and then you can co-op on Gears of war, or rainbow 6, or even two player online CoD 3. quite a few games for the 360 can be played together, its great.

how about a wii? that would be a great idea imo because then you can involve the kids.

IMO console is where its at, because then it really can be in the center of the family area of your home, for me kicking back in a comfy chair or on a comfy sofa with a few mates, controllers in had having a laugh is the best way to game. the PC is still too private and secluded if you get me, console gaming seems much more open to being able to share the experience.