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Four weeks after quitting soda...

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May 30, 2002
Originally posted by: mrchan
The ONLY difference in 4 weeks was soda and you lost 14 pounds? That's 49,000 calories or 490 (100 calories/8 ounce) servings. Something isn't right......
No doubt. I wish I dropped 14 lbs by just quitting soda..wait..I already don't drink soda. :(


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Aug 5, 2004
I haven't cut it out completely, but I've cut way down on pop. Used to drink a 24 oz bottle of Pepsi or Mt Dew once or twice a day. I now have a can of pop every few days at most. I've started buying H2OH carbonated flavored water. No aspartame, no splenda, just carbonation and just a touch of flavor.

A Mt Dew still tastes good, but I don't crave it like I did when I was drinking it constantly.


Aug 10, 2002
Originally posted by: Skoorb
Originally posted by: skace
Soda is one of the easiest and biggest targets in a common diet. If you have the will power to quit drinking sodas, you have to will power to do anything. Not only is it empty calories, but it replaces real liquids in a diet such as water, which everybody needs. I agree with your point, but I'd rather join the soda crusade.
Oh come on it's not that hard. A couple of indian co-workers don't drink much pop but they do like to eat. I found, personally, the switch from regular to diet soda to be quite easy, much like 2% to skim milk. I prefer regular soda but the desire for one is far weaker a compulsion than when you're hungry and a chocolate bar or piece of pizza is calling to you.
It is hard :p
I quit for 4 weeks, then I had 2 in 2 days, now I'm back to none again (well, for the last day, since the 2 in 2 days was Tuesday and Wednesday :()


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May 6, 2004
I am not overweight by any means, 5'8'' tall and weigh at around 150lbs. my concern is more torward athletic perfomance, as i was told to stay away from soda if possible when i used to work out hardcore back in high school. to my understanding its the caffein and carbonized stuff you want to stay away from, not so much of sugar in it from that standpoint. being no biology or HPS major, i am no expert in this and have no explannation why things work like that... but i noticed one thing tho, i did feel much lighter and energized when i was successful at resisting the urge to drink soda. placebo effects, maybe?


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Dec 31, 1999
Originally posted by: Eli
Originally posted by: Nomada
water with a slice of lime is your friend.

I hate slightly flavored water.
Same here. Just drink the freakin water plain. I hate when waiters put lemon in my water w/out asking.

I drink my water straight. I drink my bourbon straight.


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Sep 21, 2002
Originally posted by: dcdude
whats the point of quitting soda if you're just going to have a Snickers in place of it every time?

that makes no sense if you're tryign to lose weight. ive never gone on a weight loss diet because i dont need to, but for the people that have, you cant say 2 cans of soda is ONLY 300 calories, becuase hwne you take in the fact that you'd only be eating 1,800-2,000 calories a day. its a lot. being wasted

eating solid food satiates hunger while soda has been shown to actually encourage eating.


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Jul 19, 2002
I stopped drinking sodas too... I lost like 20lbs in a month. The sugar in the sodas is one of the bad things.
When off the 'caffiene high' Id get really lethargic, and dehydrated (sodas a a diuretic). Without sodas, I found that I have more consistant energy, and get less lethargic. Not to mention I just feel great.

I've replaced drinking sodas with drinking Pelligrino water with a twist of lime. :) I love it.


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May 27, 2005
Originally posted by: Amplifier
Been four weeks since I quit soda. I changed nothing else about my diet/workout routine and I'm down from 209 -> 195.

A couple days ago I caved in at a party and started drinking again. Went from 195 -> 198 :|.

Not touching that stuff again. :Angry Noise;
Yeah I use to be a heavy pop drinker. Not anymore though, that stuff just rotts your teeth to the core, makes you fat and makes you more thirsty. Now I just drink water and them REFRESH drinks.

Edit: Main reason I quit, I've been training TaeKwonDo, now going on a couple years. Talk about getting fit.:)


Senior member
Dec 3, 2004
I used to be a Dr. Pepper drinker until one day I realized I was addicted and tried to get myself off. It has been since Dec 2001 that I have had pop. I have lost 50 pounds and I feel much better.