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for those of you that are conservative or right leaning...

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  • not a conservative

  • conservative - hard core christian

  • conservative - christian but not practicing

  • conservative - not christian, but religious

  • conservative - not religious at all

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Jun 22, 2003
Part of me is still right leaning, so I don't know where I fit in the poll. I am a former conservative, or to put it another way, "Hey, where did everybody go?". I am Catholic, but not the hardcore type. Neither "side" of Right or Left does or should hold a monopoly on faith. They need to stop wearing their Christianity on their sleeves to play for votes and actually start enacting policies to help the least among us.


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Jul 15, 2003
Anybody who flatters himself for rejecting belief in God on the imbecilic supposition that He is a bearded weirdo in the sky has no business commenting on the functionality of anyone else's brain.

You are a child. Your understanding of God is at the level of a child. Your spiritual evolution got no further than that of a child. Like a child you assume that the understanding of others is, like yourself, at a child's level. Like a child, you use the mockery of others as children, to imply a grown up perspective, because like a child, you are arrogant in your assumptions. And as the arrogant imbecile that you are, you do this with great confidence, assuming you have outgrown childish ways.

And like a child, when unmasked, you cry and seek to regain your assumption of superiority.
Oh GOD you are so fucking cute!
I love you sweetie.


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Jul 3, 2003
Fundamentally I'm more conservative in terms of fiscal policy but we all know that the Republican party believes in big government same as the Democrats. That said, I firmly believe that religion has absolutely no place in our government.