Florida issues license to kill.

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Jul 11, 2001
Can you imagine thinking that Trump is such a great man that the day of his birth is cause for celebration by people who do not personally know him? Will they still be celebrating this day 75 years from now? These people need mass therapy, maybe a mass lobotomy.
I think we'll all need mass therapy if things keep going as they have. If each major party holds the other hostage, we'll accomplish little and the world goes down the tubes, I'm not joking. TBH, I want to destroy the Republican Party. What happens after that, I can't tell you, but I want the GQP to die.

How many were killed in the massacre in FL at the Pulse nightclub? I heard 49 the other day IIRC.

djTWUMPF's BD should be a day of mourning and his death day a national holiday. It will not surprise me if the anniversary of his death sparks celebrations for years.