Favorite videocard of all time?

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Nov 20, 2005
Favorite= Apollo 6800nu unlocked 400/850 :thumbsup:

Least= BFG FX5500 OC :thumbsdown:


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Aug 12, 2006
Originally posted by: adairusmc
My two diamond Voodoo2 12mb cards in SLI, in conjunction with a Riva TNT2. That setup lasted me so long, I didnt upgrade again until GeForce 4.

YES!!!! my thoughts exactly. except i had a diamond stealth for my 2d card.


Jul 17, 2003
My favorite has to be my old 6800GT, I wish I stuck with my AGP nForce3 Ultra board and this card but I got the upgrade itch and went for a PCIe system with an unlocked and overclocked X800GTO2 which is no slouch, but I just prefer the Nvidia drivers.


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May 10, 2002
Originally posted by: Golgatha
Gainward TI4200 was my favorite just because it was cheap and it overclocked like mad. It was also a big jump in performance at the time. A close second is my old X800XT PE I got back when it was a Phantom edition. That was a nice performance jump too.

My least favorite was a Radeon 64MB (the original Radeon) I just had to try out. Back then ATI drivers were crap and it showed when I couldn't play nearly half my game collection. It resided all of 2 days in my computer.

My biggest love/hate was the Voodoo 5 5500 (still the best Counter Strike graphics I've seen to date). I loved it while 3dfx was in business, but when nVidia bought them and driver development ceased, I began to hate the fact I spent nearly $300 on it :|.

4200 FTW for sure!!


Mar 9, 2000
Best card . . . current one x850xt . . . $200 for AGP last January and it will last till i build my Uber-rig.

2nd favoourite was my Radeon64DDR . . . it lasted almost 2 years in my rig . . . Max Payne got me to upgrade

Worst card . . . geForce256 my last nVidia card. [fast but] Fugly IQ. :p


Feb 8, 2004
9800 PRO - Best card ever

Cards ive had in main rig:

--unknown-- <--- comp repair guy replaced it with the next card as this one was slow as hell

S3 Salvage - Not bad... no bad memories, ran starcraft, settlers III and even red alert 2, albeit loading times were much slower than my mates shiney new athlon 1ghz with who knows what card.

Geforce 2 MX - This thing kicked ass, i didnt know there was much better out there but it beat crap outta the S3 thing (and mt mates rig) it was paired with a 1.7ghz P4 and 128mb rdram. GTA III was a bit laggy though.

Geforce 5200 FX - Yay another new comp! But god damnit GTA III still lags! bollocks... This was the point i looked up anandtech and found everyone worshipping the 9800 PRO, i joined this strange at the time cult and bought a....

9800 PRO - WOW KICK F-IN ASS DUDE!! GTA III not only runs with no lag! But on HIGH settings too... wow.... i was really really impressed. It ran farcry and doom III and half life 2 and we fragged many a zombie and ohh such good times! Then earth 2160 came along, poor lil fellar couldnt cut it so well anymore, so i replace him :(

X1900XT - Its supposed to be what, like more than 3x the power of a 9800 PRO? I didnt feel it. I still dont feel it. Simcity 4 runs like crap too (driver issue). Suppose ill be thankful when newer games come out, i just run games at decent settings, not crazy-high, i got no interest in trying to bring this card to its knees with FEAR at 3048x3048 16xAA super quality! I guess im not impressed as ive jumped from one good card to another, jumping from a series of not good cards to a good one was worlds apart.

Other cards ive owned (bought from ebay, got free etc):

Matrox milennium G400 - Came free. Cant even run starcraft with 8 players. They were all bitchin about lag in an 8 way simpsons madness, so we played the blame game and later on to my surprise single player lagged too :frown:

Geforce 4 mx4000 - an mx420 i gather. It sucked too. GTA III actually played better on my geforce 2 MX but the cpu/ram was different there, that was probably a big factor.

Geforce 4 TI4400 - Sweet card, just like my 9800 PRO, it ran GTA III, BF2 etc, it was a nice buy. Pleased with it. Unfortunately its sitting in my backup rig with a pentium II 400, people say the cpu is rarely the bottleneck? heh, not in this rig :( Maybe with a 1ghz PIII itll be fine.


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Jan 5, 2000
My favorite was Riva tnt..
Worst was some Matrox isa card that had 4mb and couldn't even play duke nukem 3d.


Sep 21, 2002
I have 3 favourites: The 3Dfx Voodoo5-5500 (IQ was amazing and it usefull features like RGSS which looked awesome!), the Radeon 7500 (64 MB of DDR and my 1st harware T'n L card!), and the GeForce4-Ti4400 which overclocked like mad and had way better drivers than my Radeon 8500).

My least favourite videocard was the ATI xPert @ Play 8MB. I couldn't even play Quake2 at a low resolution with this hunk o' junk! LOL!:)


Jun 19, 2005
Favorite: none, i don't ever buy fast video cards
Worst: Geforce 2 MX 400 - while it worked fine, even without any sort of cooling every game i played i was mad at my gf 2 for not being fast enough :(