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F@H GPU crunchers - what temps do you get?

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Apr 2, 2004
Originally posted by: Assimilator1
Got the power figures ,running the following programs :-

2x DPAD - 180w
2x DPAD & ATItool with 3D view on - 240w
2x DPAD & F@H GPU - 223-228w
1x DPAD & F@H GPU - 230w

Roughly a 45-50w power increase from running the GPU at high load ,interesting to see in power terms the GPU being held back a little as a result of running 2 DPADs (as I 1st saw in task manager).

As for running 1 or 2 DPAD clients ,I know that if 1 client is getting 100% of a core it should get just under 25,000 Kpts/day.If I get equal to or less than that per day then I'll know I'll be better off running 1 client.
Earlier results though show I'm getting quite a bit more than 25k Kpts/day:) ,I'll update when I have enough stats.

Another question I'd like to know the answer to is how much is F@H being slowed down by DPAD? I'll have to test that too ;)

Btw what is the best way to measure daily output in F@H?
Great information! Thanks :)
Looking forward to more.

Points per day (ppd) average over a period of time is one way to measure F@H.

Here are your stats from EOC.

The place to see soonest if a WU gets credited is at your F@H stats page. It can take a few hours for it to show up here (and somewhat longer at other stats sites).