Ever skip a class for the entire semester in college and still pull a 4.0?

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Feb 7, 2005
Originally posted by: Canai
Originally posted by: Ausm
If you can get a 4.0 for not showing wtf is wrong with that???


What's wrong with it is that I can't do it in WI! :(

OP where are you?

My roomy is a grad from UW Madison, he was notorious for skipping out to play wow or whatever game he was playing. For his Stats class he went 4 times, first day mid term, final, and some 1 random day. Proof you can do this in WI you just have to be good.


Nov 27, 2001
I never attended one of my CS classes as it was at 7:45 AM and I just could not get up for it no matter how hard I tried, so I just gave up. The prof knew me fairly well and I tutored other courses, so she didn't really mind too much. Although, having to stay up all night just to make sure I made it to the class for tests didn't help the test average as I made dumb logic mistakes. Still did fine though, but not a 4.0 :p.