Ever have one of those "holy sh*t! that scared the hell outta me! moments in a game?

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Jan 23, 2001
Originally posted by: Molondo
One got me good on HL1. At the early start where the room is filled with water and you have to turn the switch off to stop the electricity. Then you proceed in the same room to go to the vent. Well there was a headcrab in it and it jumped out of dark at me and scared the shit out of me.
You know what used to get me in HL1? It's kind of odd, but the assassins. The assassins (was that their name? I don't even know) were these enemies dressed all in black that would run at 2 or 3 times the speed of the player. Their AI code was written in such a way that they would find alternate routes through the level however possible to come up behind you, it's like the AI was constantly sent information as to which way your back was facing. Unfortunately once you figured this out you could trap them really easily just by pointing your back to whichever area you wanted them to go to. But before I figured that out, they put me in some scenarios where they'd just pop up behind me in .5 seconds and scare the bejesus out of me.


Oct 21, 2007
Wow great thread! I am glad to see I am not the only one who screams like a 10-year-old girl because of a video game.

I would have to go with the FEAR Ladder in the demo. I must have shat my pants and unloaded 3 clips into that girl, still shooting after she vanished. I only played the demo since I was playing on a laptop and it was having a rough time with it. But DAMN that got me:)

Another game (scene) that was not as ?OH SH!T (crap my pants)? but more ?Holy crap?what?s happening?!!!!? was in the original Unreal. There was a part where you are in this long hall and all of a sudden the lights at one end of the hall start shutting off and working its way toward you. 10 seconds later you are in total darkness (maybe a slight red glow (it was a cool thing back then) from some floor lights), you hear a door open, a monster scream?and know there is some crazy sh!t coming your way.

Way back in the commodore 64 days I played a Friday the 13th game. I can?t remember anything about it other then my older brother locked me in our old scary basement (where our computer was) and I was wicked scared. I have repressed all other memories of that incident.


Jan 6, 2002
lol as a kid Friday the 13th on the C64 was pretty scary, you never knew who Jason was. I saw all the movies and never remember him disgusing himself as another person. Was fun to stab at what looked like a chick only to hear a scream and have Jason appear. I don't remember him being killable in that game either. I know playing it today I'd laugh at most, but when I was 9 it was pretty spooky for a game.

the hallway part in Unreal was pretty tense, the fact it happened slow and you knew something was going down make it more interesting than if all the lights had just went off at once.


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Jul 23, 2005
Bioshock was great for so many reasons - some of the random moments when splicers would just be standing behind you did freak me out a little. I was too absorbed in the storyline to care as much, though. God, what a fun game that was.

Doom 3 was okay, most of it wasn't that scary to be honest. The scariest parts were when they would drop enemies right behind you (or have them jump out of somewhere). The scariest moment was when I was expecting to see my first Hell Knight, since it had been awhile since I had seen any other new types of enemies and the game felt like it should be getting near the end. I was really disappointed when they actually showed up and turned out to be big, slow pieces of shit that can't do anything. I was also disappointed when the Cyberdemon battle was basically an exercise in running around in a circle... he should have been smaller and a lot more aggressive, able to kill you easily if you don't find cover. Instead he just shot rockets in every direction *except* toward you.

Have never played System Shock 2, probably will never get the chance. Doom and Doom 2 were mindless fun, but definitely not scary. I also never played AvP or AvP2. Were Crysis or Farcry supposed to be scary? I viewed them kind of how I few Doom 2... just mindless entertainment.

Probably the scariest moment in gaming for me would have to be tied between a moment in Jedi Knight (where you fight your first underwater creature) and a moment in HL1 (when you fight your first underwater creature... damn shark things). I seriously get freaked out by underwater battles. It's the murkiness and being unable to see more than 10 feet, so you never know from which direction it's coming until it's already in your face.


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Jul 16, 2003
The original Resident Evil had plenty of moments. Especially when the dogs break out and chase you! And, D (Dracula), lots of weird moments in that game! I played these when I was 13-14 on my PSX. Such a great system.

PC wise, Half Life 2 has some scarey points. Ravenholm is scarey... that friggin noise they make! AGH! The FEAR demo got me too, I never played through it or bought the game. I plan to pick up STALKER, FEAR, and Doom III over the next month. I'm about to finish Crysis so I need some good games. These all around like they will take me months too beat... lol


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Nov 19, 2001
Serious Sam: The First Encounter and Serious Sam: The Second Encounter got me in several places. Serious Sam 2, not so much. :(


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Apr 11, 2004
Originally posted by: AmberClad
Wow, I was just going to mention that one (Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines - that damn haunted hotel :frown:!).
Ditto--that's the only game that has really creeped me out severly without doing anything blatant. And I kept thinking--I'm a vampire, right, why am I afraid of ghosts? But jeez, the atmosphere in that hotel was evil.