Element and Scion: Initial response finds vehicles not birds of a feather

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Oct 31, 2000
Hmm, Teo teenagers at my school have the element. While there are many nonfans of it, a lot of people like them too :p


Oct 10, 2000
I highly doubt that any teenages would have desire to drive those things,
elemt looks like something from fisher price, and the one scion looks liek a train engine or something.
The only decent looking one is the crossover scion, that lookis little like nissan murano. Its still kinda average, boring looking.
For 15g i'd rather drive a civic or a focus


Diamond Member
Jan 17, 2001
As a 16 year old teen that is within the intended target range for these models, I find that a loaded Honda Element EX 4WD is quite slick! With its tailgate seat in the back to its 160hp VTEC engine, it is an uber cube. From the styled exterior bumper trims to the aluminium accents on the interior, it intrigues me. I also like the fact that its seats are quite resistant to wear and dirt. The only thing I don't like about the Element is that you have to open the front doors to open the rear doors! Bah!

The xB is just weaksauce and I would definitely take a Toyota Matrix over those. The xB is a friggin cube, its monotone design is just fugly. The many spoked hubcaps (rims?) are disgusting. The front oversized bumper just kills it. There aren't enough curves to it, too many ~90 degree angles.

Is it me or does the xA look like a Toyota Matrix? I'm sitting here comparing the xA with the picture in my Matrix brochure!

If I wanted a sedan, it would be 2004 Toyota Corolla! If I was richer, it would be an Acura TSX or a Lexus IS300

Flame on!


Oct 13, 1999
I originally thought the Element was an abomination, but now that I see more and more on the road, and park next to one every day, and also since the Scion xB is the worst looking vehicle on the planet, I'll have to say that the Element's design is growing on me. I rather like it now. Still wouldn't buy one. But it doesn't make me vomit like the xB.