Electric motorcycle entrepreneur killed by Prius

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Jan 6, 2002
Didn't you threaten to leave ATOT forever because of the crassness you daily experience here?

I couldn't leave for good when I sat and really thought about the people on here I make so upset just by me being myself. I have about a dozen people on my ignore list, and I'm sure this thread will result in a few more names being added by the time it's all said and done.
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Jun 24, 2001
Loud pipes save lives.

Neither of them heard each other! In all seriousness though, I was wondering how long it takes for someone to bust out the often-discredited "loud pipes save lives" crap. Thanks, BoberFett. :(

Yes....charge the Prius driver before anyone is found at fault. If he wasn't wearing a helmet then that's his own damned fault. And from that it sounds like the bike hit the car, but it also says the Prius collided with the motorcycle so who knows what actually happened.

But hey, way to fucking jump to conclusions man.

Point the finger at thyself. Helmets are mandatory in most states, including CA, so it's stupid to even consider that "optional" in this case (much less, to assume that he even might have chosen not to). Yes, the stupid news article acted like there may be a question about it, but I have never once seen a person on the street or a trafficed lot without a helmet in a mandatory helmet law state (CA included). You can't just slip one on when you see a cop or hide behind tinted windows like people who skirt seatbelt laws.

Also, the vast majority of motorcycle deaths involving another vehicle are caused by the other vehicle failing to give right of way... which would usually result in, you guessed it, a T-bone collision. This is wasy to prove and we know exactly why: Psycologically, motorcycles don't always "register" with other drivers as a vehicle. They may make eye-contact with you and STILL fail to give right of way. They teach you this in all motorcycle safety manuals and courses and suggest that you always pretend that you are invisible, even if they make eye contact.

I've been riding for a couple years now with my bike as my only transportation and to see such prejudices remain is a bit unsettling. Why are you trying to make excuses for either party without knowing the facts?
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