Ebay scammer - how to bust this guy before deal goes down?

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Mar 2, 2001
You could check with OJ. I hear he is really into these "sting" operations.


Jul 1, 2004
I never got the Westminster PD to call me back, and never got any other info on the situation. :(


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Feb 13, 2001
Back in the early 90's my brother sold an Amiga 3000T. The guy paid with a fake money order. The funny part was the address was in Gainesville where I was going to school. The phone number matched the address but the 'guy' that answered kept saying it was his roommate.

We figured it was a scam, so that weekend my brother came up and we drove over to the dudes house. We knock on the door and say "Hey 'his name' how is it going?" Dumbass was confused, but said great what's up. We grabbed his ass and told him we needed the money for the computer. He told us he'd write a check, but f that. We told him we were taking him to whatever bank he used.

We got our money, guy was crying he'd be broke as it was his loan money. Oh well. After we left we then thought we'd be arrested...what we did wasn't really on the up and up and at the same time we were on bank cameras.

The guy stayed quiet.

You win some and you lose some though

I had two dudes show up in my house to buy a TV from me a couple years after the incident above. Presented a cashier's check: The original ad

Now they didn't realize I used Barnett bank at the time as well (what their check was drawn on)...so I said I would call to verify. I asked my ex-wife to just keep an eye on them and call me if they tried anything. Idiot took our dog (Akita) and went for a walk. Bank said the check was a fraud and they had others on that same account. By the time I got back out they were hauling ass down the street. She had my car keys with her as well.

My homeowners covered it as a theft.