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May 17, 2008
Just watched some History channel program on the possibility of UFO's and extraterrestrials being real. I like to consider myself as open minded...I don't think all of the cases and evidence prove much, but there is always that 5% or so that just have so much supporting evidence and it just plain ol' can't be explained. That along with a lot of legit military personnel with absolutely nothing to gain coming forward with first person testimony leads me to think we aren't the only living things in this universe.

Also seeing the stories of how the pyramids were made..just the shear magnitude of the Great Pyramid and that people of thousands of years ago could construct that with what we consider fairly primitive tools with out some sort of method we are not aware of is beyond me. I believe one of the people interviewed on one of the shows said knowing the number of blocks used to create it given the time that it was said to be made in ( 22 years or so) that a block would have to been cut, moved and set every 9 seconds. That and the fact that in the deep deep parts of the tomb where it was pitch black, fire could not be used.

Maybe they skew the facts in their favor in many of these cases... there is a part of me that can't ignore things like that.


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Jan 1, 2006
I believe they exist, somewhere in the universe. Do they happen to be in our solar system? No. Do they exist in our galaxy? Perhaps.


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Mar 8, 2003
Maybe, if the guy running the simulation in which we live used them in the parameters.
This paper argues that at least one of the following propositions is true: (1) the human species is very likely to go extinct before reaching a “posthuman” stage; (2) any posthuman civilization is extremely unlikely to run a significant number of simulations of their evolutionary history (or variations thereof); (3) we are almost certainly living in a computer simulation.

/places tin-foil hat


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Jul 15, 2003
Of course I believe, I was an ET for 6 years. I struck out of deck after 3 years and then spent a year in school, but it was all worth it. Got a job at a microchip plant right after leaving the Navy.


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Mar 3, 2000
Of course I believe, I was an ET for 6 years. I struck out of deck after 3 years and then spent a year in school, but it was all worth it. Got a job at a microchip plant right after leaving the Navy.
He means Extra Terrestrial not Early Transvestite.


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May 14, 2001
I have one in my freezer in the garage. It's holding up pretty well still. And as you can see it's baby is doing just fine.


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Nov 30, 2004
I hold the same position I do with regards to ghosts. I'm highly skeptical, but I'm open to convincing evidence. If you were to rephrase and take the universe into account, I'd put money on there being other critters out there.


Nov 18, 2005

I am intrigued by the Fermi paradox but don't consider it a huge problem in the probability of contact with nearby civilizations.

Why? Many of the first stars were large and had a lifetime far shorter than the amount of time dinosaurs reigned Earth.

It took a great amount of time for early stars to come and go, producing the required amounts of interstellar material to permit the creation of planetary bodies.

Our Earth is not unique, but it took a great number of specific occurrences to get to anything similar to Earth's current physical appearance.

Couple that in with how incomprehensibly large the Universe is, and I basically say there just has to be other planets with hospitable conditions for humans, let alone planets hospitable for advanced life (but not necessarily humans). And then, life has to have been sparked on a planet. It doesn't happen automatically, nor we do understand how probable it is that life starts in any environment. Our current environment is likely no where remotely similar to the environment that allowed for the creation of life.

How far apart these life-producing planets are, is likely very. Very very far apart. So far apart that the electromagnetic radiation we see from an alien civilization's sector of space, likely doesn't even include a picture of their planet. We might be looking right now at a region of space that houses an alien civilization, maybe even focused real hard on the exact location of their planet - but it doesn't exist based on what we currently can observe. Imagine, they have a probe traveling 0.5C, and they are 500,000,000 l.y. away. They came into existence when their planet was 200 million years old (our species came into existence when our planet was over 4b years old).

Say their planet came into existence 499 million years ago. Right now, we are seeing their region of space 1 million years before their planet comes into existence. We have to wait another 201 million years before they even come into existence. That probe, they may have sent 500,000 years after coming into existence as a species.
Wait... how long would it be until we saw that damned thing?

We'd "see" them launch at in 201.5 million years, yes? Will it be 1.2015 billion before we see their probe?

I have to jump away from the computer, so I can't get it any more thought. I talked in circles over my own head. :D


Jan 4, 2001
Do I believe in ET's what?
ET's Extra Testicle.

(Thank you, Colin Mochrie.)

Aliens existing? Yes, I feel it is quite probable that there is life outside of this tiny planet.
Did any of it visit us? Maybe, but probably not.

Abductions? I find it oddly suspicious that the people who were allegedly abducted seem to have a history of drug abuse, or else they just seem like they're kind know, crazy.


Nov 28, 2001
Do I believe that there is intelligent extraterestial life out there? Yes, just looking at the number of likely planets in the universe almost guarantees that there is intelligent life out there somewhere. Do I believe the they have visited us, that UFOs are real? Hell no. For one all the physics that we know of currently make interstellar, let alone intergalactic, travel highly unlikely and problematic. For another if they were visiting us they would have better things to do than pick up dumb fucks in their pickup trucks in some corn field and anally probe them or mutilate cows all night.

The sad truth is that the universe is a BIG BIG BIG place. And we are likely destined to spent the rest of our existence exploring this small speck of a lonely corner of our galaxy never encountering anyone else. But let's not put all our eggs in the intelligent life basket, I would be overjoyed if they discovered moss on another planet!