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Do absentee abllots in PA support or abet voter fraud?

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Oct 6, 2009
Who says they do not register themselves? You just need a SSN to that matches with a name to register which is not difficult to obtain. In alot of cases, illegals already have SSNs.

Also, your first sentence seems to be a deliberate misrepresentation as I have already clarified twice, although I should not need to as it is common knowledge that both parties send out buses to cart people to the elections.

Also, since you are piping up as well, let me ask you the same question I asked Jnnn:

Hypothetically, if you could provide picture IDs for all citizens, would you still be against a law mandating that all voters present their picture IDs to vote?
So you also theorize that illegal aliens can easily obtain fake SSNs but cannot easily obtain fake IDs? :D


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Nov 11, 1999
The bad motives that dems could have is that they would lose the vote of illegals. I am sure you know how both parties send out buses to pick up people to vote. I don't see what would stop them from hustling up some illegals to support the cause, and there is nothing very "conspiracy theory" about this notion either. It is about getting every single vote that one can get, be it one more vote or 40 more votes.

Hypothetically, If there was a way to ensure that poor voters could get their photo IDs, would you still be against requiring photo ID?
I did not smear anyone. If suggesting that both parties have bad motives regarding this issue is considered a smear, then why bother discussing this, or anything, at all?