Question Diablo4 causing gpu's to die

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Jul 18, 2001
Just a heads up for anyone trying the Diablo4 beta this weekend. Game is apparently bricking 3080ti cards, gigabyte ones. There are reports of it hitting other cards though, including AMD.

While Diablo IV's lenient PC spec requirements indicate a well-optimized game, some users share troubling reports of their expensive graphics cards failing during gameplay. There have been multiple reports of NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti GPUs failing while playing the Diablo IV early access beta, with symptoms like GPU fan usage skyrocketing to 100% following an outright hardware shut down.

Blizz forum post on it:

Jayz2c video:



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Jun 10, 2004
Lmao, like if these Gigabyte GPUs were bundled with their garbage PSUs for some sort of promotion 😂
I was fortunate enough to get an Aorus Master 6800XT around launch for MSRP during the last mining boom but it came with a catch: it was part of a Gigabyte PSU bundle.

Games like D4 loading up 1000 FPS in the menu would cause coil whine on that card as it tried to boost to 2700MHz, but if you frequency-capped it at 90% it would be much more sane despite those pathologic loads.

My solution to avoiding any issues with D4 on my 7900XTX was to enable Radeon Chill and target 180-240 FPS.