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Debating which Android phone to get.

Apr 20, 2008
Hello everyone.

I just switched over my both of my iPhone 6 to MetroPCS from Sprint but during a sale I got two Samsung Galaxy on5 phones for free, which it turns out I really like the customization of Android again. Here is the spec page at GSMarena. It's a quad/1.3Ghz/a7 based/5" 720p/1.5GB/8GB/8MP/single band wifi/android 6.0.1 phone. It's specs are decent for a free phone, but I'm open to picking up a different, cheap Android phone if it would be significantly better in the long term.

On slick deals there is a unlockable ZTE Zmax for $50, which the spec page is right here. It's a quad/1.2Ghz/a53 based/5.5" 720p/2GB/16GB/8MP/dual band wifi/android 5.0 phone.

Would it be worth it for the extra .5" screen, 512MB more ram, 8GB of phone space, slightly bigger battery and potentially better CPU?

Thanks for the input.


Senior member
May 11, 2012
Yes. One should never ever buy an 8 GB phone, the OS generally takes up 6 GB or more. Definitely worth it to move to 16 GB.