CIV: BE benchmarked

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Sep 27, 2012
The graphs you quoted are frame rates not frame times.
Instantaneous frame rate = 1/frame time

You are mentioning AMD being budget constrained. In order to assume that you would need to know what their budget is and what the costs incurred are. Do you have this info? If you don't then you can't make any meaningful observations and shouldn't just throw it out there like it adds anything at all. It's purely conjecture and smacks of FUD.

Sure its an assumption but its not an assumption without merit. AMD doesn't and isn't spending a lot of money on R&D. They are 100% budget constrained with R&D dropping in the last few years, taking into account inflation the last time their R&D budget was so low was in 2004. I'm not sure about the exact numbers (which is why I stated it as a likelihood) but my assumption is not an unreasonable one. A lot of the stuff in this forum is conjecture; predicting future performance, financial health, etc.


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Dec 1, 2012
How did you calculate the average?

I am not sure of your methodology.
Isn't the FPS counter in benchmark showing average FPS based on last 30 frames?

I'm reading what the counter says. Its not very scientific, but the frame rate during zoom-out is quite stable.