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Jun 17, 2018
Hi guys, I was given an assignment recently for my CCENT course and due to unforeseen circumstances I missed a few days of class. I'm struggling to understand what to do and desperately need assistance. This is the assignment. I know how to create vlan's on a switch, but not on a router. I'm not sure if the ip addresses assigned to my vlan's on each switch must be different. And I have never dealt with telnet connections and access lists. I'm not asking for someone to dot his for me, but to please show me what to do and how to do it.


1. Recreate the above layout

2. Implement the same VLAN’s on each switch and router (Marketing, sales, accounting)

3. Setup Vlan IP addresses and assign ports to the Vlan’s (Can be on the same subnet)

4. Setup the Telnet connections on all marketing vlan’s

5. Must be able to telnet into all switches and routers

6. Create and access list on the router and Deny all on switch 0


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Oct 25, 1999
We do not support Home Work or other type of activities that are related to members' Education.

Even if we tried, your questions need to be answer in tens or more book pages which is not possible on an Online personal Forums.


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BTW. Routers that have a capacity for VLAN would have instructions in their User Guide about it.
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