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    Question Packet Tracer, am i missing something or is this bugged?

    Hi, So I created a litlle network with multiple vlans n a couple routers n layer 3 switches, after i configured everything n thought all was in order i noticed that none of my routers r l3 switches routed my ping packets, I then went ahead n compared the configs to another smaller project n...
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    Question Problem with my DHCP-dns configuration

    Hello, I have set a DHCP in a network in Packet Tracer, my DHCP is set in a ASA firewall. I have specified the DNS server on my config, but the dns setting is not paste in my client machines when I configure them with dhcp ip. Here is my configuration: Firewall(config)#show running-config dhcp...
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    Cisco Packet Tracer help needed!

    Hi guys, I was given an assignment recently for my CCENT course and due to unforeseen circumstances I missed a few days of class. I'm struggling to understand what to do and desperately need assistance. This is the assignment. I know how to create vlan's on a switch, but not on a router. I'm not...