China says no to MS software

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Mar 2, 2003
Originally posted by: Zebo
My Liberal friends trip when I tell them I support Buchanan. Way I look at it if people are employed they are happy and all this noise level crap like "race relations" etc goes away nicely.
I voted Perot in '92 and would vote Buchanan type in '04. (I know he'd not run and win)..

Had my mother not left the old sod or had known she was PG when she did.. I'd have been born in Ireland and wondered what life would have been like for me.. Would I have been with Bobby Sands and the others in '81... nah.. I'm a coward... would I have been in Sinn Fein... nah... I'd have emigrated to The US... Well My father's mother had him in the US too... then went back.. to Ireland.. I guess the US was a litter basket..:D But for the life of me I don't understand how so many are more swayed by the talk and not at all changed by the facts... or even question the purported facts.. Not at all like the Irish Parliament... Here (in my palatial estate) if Reagan said anything... it was as if Jesus himself had said it... and again with Bush... But, Clinton .. well he was the Devil himself.. Simply amazing.. nothing Clinton said was the truth according to my surroundings... now Bush can say anything and gobble, gobble they eat it up.. I live in a strange country.. it seems the same everywhere Bush is favored and the Democrats are not..



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Feb 18, 2001
I hate to say it but 1) service jobs suck IMO 2) service jobs don't make the world go round amnufacturing does. Every job is biproduct of the manufacturing base.
Customer service jobs certainly do suck. I never meant that they don't. But laywers are also a service job. So is being a formula editor at Pillsbury (one of my old jobs). The US has exported most of it's manufacturing jobs but retained all it's customer service jobs. It's also gained a lot of management jobs that manage the jobs we've exported abroad. The US has benefitted by exporting it's manufacturing jobs abroad. We've gotten all the management & ornamets without the workers and management makes more money.

Many people on this thread say we're suffering so much becuase we've exported all these jobs away. If this is so, why hasn't the unemployment rate in the US not much higher than it was during the 50's? (check it out at: I can't direct link becuase the page uses servlets)

If the US were to repatriate all the jobs it's sent abroad, there would be a massive recession becuase we'd have to shift resources from productive management to less productive manufacturing.

China's trade surplus with the US in 2001 was $83.05 billion dollars. If each Chinese worker makes $2 day and works 6 days a week, this works out to the output of 133million workers. How could we find that many workers in the US? You can't. If we had to repatriate all the jobs we've exported abroad, we couldn't find enough labor here in the US to do so by a long shot. The only way to accomplish the task would be to reduce production in the economy by a huge amount. We would have to run the clock back to about the 60's in order to attain attain production low enough for the US to actually be able to attain with it's 272 million people.

In China you can't own land or chinese stock unless you're chinese.
I found this out firsthand once. You also have to be a resident of China. So indeed the Chinese are screwing us over in this way. They screw us over in other ways too. They have this big tariff on US goods and then there's the IP thing this thread is about.