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Cats friggin stink!

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Jan 4, 2001
Originally posted by: alkemyst
Originally posted by: mjrpes3
Originally posted by: Rogodin2
Unless you have one of those 'furless' cats you are breathing/eating dander and cat fur. I won't have that in my home, the personal psychic pleasure you are able to procure from a cat/dog doesn't outweigh the nastiness of breathing/eating their fur/skin.

Mysophobia. Look it up.
Unfortunately people shed far more 'dander' than any pet would.
Indeed. Guess what a lot of the dust around your house is - human skin flakes. We're filthy things, secreting various oily liquids, shedding skin and hair everywhere, awash in a sea of bacteria. But we evolved to tolerate these things, for the most part.

Originally posted by: AMCRambler
pics of smelly sister?
Just so long as they aren't scratch'n'sniff.