Blue State Secession

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May 30, 2002
Originally posted by: Red Dawn
Originally posted by: Excelsior
What you fail to understand is that a large number of the bush voters are not from the religous radical right...oh, and if you want to generalize, then the kerry supporters are worse than the relgious right. :roll:
LOL, they really weren't Kerry supporters, they were Bush opposer's

I guess you missed what I was trying to say.

Eitherway, you know who they voted for.


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Jul 3, 2004
Originally posted by: steeplerot
Until they beg for the goodwill of the 4th biggest economic powerhouse in the world that they just p1ssed off.
California is a huge part the United States economiclly population and pretty close to size.
States as small as our neighbors AZ and others would have 0 leverage on what Cali wanted.
Anyhow all 50 states are the United States, seceding from the union is folly.
But, I am pretty sure if it happened Cali would have a pretty good chance on holding their own even against foreign countries.
Quit with the civil war jazz. you dont want to go there, were americans...............

You speak about California as if more than 4 of its counties voted for John Kerry.

If such a scenario ever did come true.... most of this state would be more than happy to help the Bay Area tofu freaks create their own Pacific Isle utopia.

Thus, once again, becoming another "red state." :)