Binoculars (especially for birding)

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Jul 11, 2001
Do you have the Merlin app on your phone? Highly, highly recommended-it's from Cornell and is free. I love being able to identify birds from their songs.

I have a pair of cheapie Sears binoculars I got way back in the 70's. I've kept them in the car for decades for a quick looks at something interesting. For birds I would start with a cheap pair and see how you like them. Without using a stand it I'm way too unstable to enjoy using them much for birds-it's extremely hard for me to keep them in the field of view.
As far as steadiness goes, that's why I bought 8 x 42. 10 x 42 are much harder to hold steady with their increased magnification.

I haven't done much with them yet, I did walk my town wearing the Celestron's on a harness. Very comfortable. I need to find places to bird. I think I should probably team up with some birders. ;) Or at least go hiking in the hills. I just recently took up golf again, but don't have time on the course to bird.