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++ ATOT official NEF thread part IV ++

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MotF Bane

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Dec 22, 2006
Most of it is old video game videos... but I don't have them in my collection, and I am, after all, a collector.


Madame President
Aug 10, 2005
Have I mentioned I love you Ruby?

It comes easy don't it? :cool:

If your catalytic converter smells like rotten eggs there is something wrong with it :)

I don't have a cat but sulphur in the fuel will make h2s which smells like rotten eggs.

coming from a boat dweller...

I don't own nor live on a boat. I'd rather smell the sea any day than the fault of ass. (asphalt for those a bit slow)

Oh and "burning rubber" that horrid smell. I was reminded not so long ago when about 1W of 532 wound up getting directed on a rubber mouse pad. Back in the day one would hear the engineer screaming the damn (climate changer) blew a belt! :biggrin: