++ ATOT official NEF thread part IV ++

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Red Squirrel

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May 24, 2003
No he just made this week a week no one was allowed to take off, except i already had my surgery scheduled and had cleared it with him. When I told him that I was still taking the week off for the surgery he was mad. Then the migraine on saturday. Which is still fucking going on.

I have doctors note from the surgeon and i have hospital records for the migraine stuff, so if i really wanted to I probably could do something about it, but i dont have the time and was already looking for another job anyway.
I would pursue it just for the principle and force them to rehire you, then quit. At least on your record it wont show that you got fired, since that could make it harder to find another job.


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Jan 13, 2010
yup. I broke my pinkie toe today. didn't hurt at first but boy does it throb now. swollen and black and blue.