++ ATOT official NEF thread part IV ++

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Jul 6, 2008
Long story short:

1. Doing migration project at our outsourced environment. Vendor was to copy existing firewall rules to new environment and just sub in the new server IPs.

2. 3+ weeks ago, I tried to install Sharepoint 2010 and couldn't connect to SQL. Notify vendor that the firewall rules aren't right.

3. Get an email 5 minutes before weekly call (today at 1:00) telling me no port 1433 rule is in the firewall.

4. Get on call and I interrupted them and told them I wasn't reinventing the wheel by specifying all rules and they needed to do what they told me they would -- copy the current firewall rules, add the new servers, and get it done NOW and not in 3 weeks.

5. Reps from vendor stutter around and are clearly shaken (and probably PISSED at me).


way to go, Indy!