Are You A Werewolf - Forum Game 11: *Game Over - Villagers Win!*


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Apr 15, 2002
Night 7:

The villagers stumble into the town square, groggy. Once again the night has been quiet. No screams, no blood, no body parts strewn across the lawn, and the villagers are amazed at how good one can feel when well rested.

When they make it to the town square, however, their pleasant demeanor changes. It looks like the dumb dumb wolves were able to do something right. There before them lies the body - or what is left - of akenbennu,
the Mason

*Day 8 Begins*
Day 7:

The village grows weary of this hunt for the wolves. However, their success the day previous coupled with the wolves' inability to eat properly gives them hope. They come together in overwhelming unison...or at least in simple put Possessed Freak to death.

The Penguin appears, grabs Possessed Freak by the arms, and states, "Let's go party in the afterlife. You deserve it."

Possessed Freak,
the Villager
, is dead.

Night 7 Begins
Night 6:

The night is quiet. Almost too quiet. So, the villagers sleep and get the best rest of their lives. In the morning, they gather in the square to find PenguinPower hovering above the ground, laughing.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" He stops only to take a breath, quickly realizing the dead don't need to breath. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"

ElFenix speaks up first. "What so funny, dead guy?"

PenguinPower stops laughing. "Look amongst yourselves." The villagers look around, but don't realize what the Penguin means. "You idiots. No one died!" *Poof* The Penguin is gone just as the villagers begin to chuckle a bit themselves.

*Day 7 Begins*
Day 6:

The Villagers gather in the center of the square, arguing back and forth between one another.

"It's Chiropteran!" exclaims JujuFish.

"No, it's dustb0wlkid" shouts back Storma.

The villagers continue to bicker amongst one another. PenguinPower appears...and waits.

"Still no highland145? Great." Penguin states, "Let's get to it."

Penguin raises his hand and turns Chiropteran into a 3 ice cubes, picks them up, and places them in his empty glass. Penguin pours in a Lagavulin 16, takes a sip, and smiles.

"It's Friday night, everybody. Drink up and enjoy. Chiropteran,
the Werewolf
is dead!"

*Night 6 Begins*
Night 5:

One would think, given the recent murders in the village, that all able-minded villagers would stay in their homes. Apparently, Bubbles - what a name - is not one of those villagers. On this night, Bubbles decides that the crisp, cool, winter air is a ripe time to go butterfly hunting - no one tell Bubbles that the butterflies are all gone during the winter.

Prancing about the town gardens at night, searching for butterflies in the winter, Bubbles is in love with life. dustb0wlkid comes to join in the merriment - again not one of the wiser villagers - and him and bubbles have a fantastic time prancing, dancing, and being giddy. After about half an hour, the pair get frustrated that they have yet to find a single butterfly.

"It's because of your poor attitude, dustb0wlkid." said Bubbles.

"Feck off, it's because you're ugy, Bubble." retorts dustb0wlkid.

The two begin to slap at each other. The slapping turns to tussling. The tussling to a full on street fight. The two villagers who were once happy and giddy became raging animals - all because they were unaware that butterflies hibernate/die/are caterpillars during the winter.

The street fight continues until Bubbles feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns his head to see large, sharp fangs. It's the last thing he sees. Before he can say a word, the fangs clamp around his head crushing his skull, and all that resides inside, into nothingness. dustb0wlkid runs away, not able to see a thing.

the Seer
is dead!

*Day 6 Begins*
Day 5:

The Penguin appears in a flash. There is a moment of silence as the dead ghost - god - ghost - that's up for debate - waits for his most prolific detractor to yell his typical catchphrase...but...silence.

"Oh, that's right. The wolf whiner is dead. Great. While we're all gathered here today, it appears that your majority vote is to kill off dustb0wlkid. I'm quite fine with that selection...doesn't matter anyway because you're all dumb dummies."

Penguin raises his hand, but at the last moment stops. Penguin looks off into the distance, seemingly as if there was something written in the sky. "Oh, come on. What the hell?!" he exclaims.

"Fine. Stupid stupids." Penguin lowers his hand. He disappears.

The villagers are somewhat relieved, though somewhat confused, as to the events that transpired this afternoon. They begin to head out back to their respective huts or whorehouses, one-by-one. Dustb0wlkid calls out to Xed, "Hey, man. Glad we both made it out alive."

Xed responds, "Yeah, guy, me too." giving a slight wave in dustb0wlkid's direction. At that instant, the arrow hits square between Xed's eyes. dustbowlkid smiles...turns...heads inside for dinner.

the Hunter
is dead!

*Night 5 Begins*
Night 4:

The village sleeps...or, all but some do. This night, there is one who is restless and decides to take a walk in the cool night air. He passes his usual haunts of druggies and prostitutes, smiling as the memories flood through his mind. He notices a shadow out of the corner of his eye and turns to get a better look, is no more.

Thinking nothing of the shadowy image, he continues his stroll towards the village garden. On his way, he once again sees the shadowy figure out of the corner of his eye. He turns again to face it and notices the distinct figure of a werewolf.

He begins walking faster, the shadowy figure matching his speed and gait. He begins to jog, the shadowy figure doing the same. He begins to run, the werewolf closes in. He is now in an all out sprint, the werewolf matching and gaining.

As he passes the residential huts, he knows that he cannot outrun this beast. He begins banging on several doors in an effort to seek shelter, but none answer. The werewolf closes in. At the last minute, a door opens and keird walks out, eyes half open. The villagers exclaims, "Thanks, asshole" as he pushes keird out the door, goes inside and shuts it.

keird, still unaware of what is going on, stands dumbfounded outside his house as the werewolf closes in. The hot breath on his neck finally stirs him awake, but it is too late. Teeth. Pressure. Blood. keird,
the Villager
is dead.

*Day 5 Begins*
Day 4:

This day was an easy day...for the villagers. Known prostitute, ElFenix, the prostitute to the stars, came running to the square exclaiming, "I know who'd done it! I seen'd it! Highland145 done it with his dull-fang'ed teef."

The villagers, despite not caring whether or not the Fenix was correct in his assertion, took it as gospel. One after another, villager, whore, asshole, downtrodden and all, raised their hand in agreement. highland145 must die!

The Penguin appear in a flash. highland145, ever defiant, stated, "Shut your mouth, Penguin. Don't you say a damned word."

Penguin smiled, and abided by the request. Penguin reached out with a godly hand and turned highland145 into a pile of sodium, to be used with the villagers next meal. Smiling, as his most defiant detractor was gone, Penguin left stating simply to the villager, "Well done you dummy dummies. highland145,
the Werewolf
is dead."

*Night 4 Begins*
Night 3:

This night, the wolves are a bit smarter...or so they think. Xed is walking down the "Get Lucky" trail, bobbing his head the the sounds of the bird in the trees. Close behind him, the werewolf pack stalks him, unseen.

Xed takes a right and begins his trek down the village main street when he bumps into DixyCrat. Dixy says a quick hello to Xed before continuing on his way towards the "Get Lucky" trail.

Whistling with the birds, Dixy smiles at the days events. It could not have gone more perfectly. Charmonium deserved it, and now he's gone...his secret mission is one step closer to being fulfilled. At that instant, Dixy feels a sharp bite to the back of his neck. The next to his gut. The next to his...well...I can't write that one, but it's gone now.

Dixy is flipped right-side up and, as the light in his eyes dims, he sees his murders. A tear forms in the corner of his eye, but there is not enough life left in him to complete it. "You dumbasses!" he thinks he says, but all that they hear is a gurgle.

The wolves have eaten DixyCrat,
the Cultist.
, and now he's dead.

*Day 4 Begins*

Day 3:

The villagers gather in the center of the town as the sun sets. This marks the end of the day, and they all know who the Penguin will take..except for seven of them. Seven villagers are assholes.

As Charmonium steps to the center of the group, his head hung low, knowing this is his last night on the earthly plane, he calls out to the group, "You are all morons. I thought the Penguin was a moron, but Penguin was right. You are all just a bunch of stupid stupidheads who can't even see what's right in front of them."

PenguinPower appears and states simply, "Thanks, Char. You're a standup guy" and then lops of his head with a single stroke. "Maybe I'll allow you to join me in my godly realm...maybe." Penguin states before he disappears.

the Villager
is dead!

*Night 3 Begins*
Night 2:

PenguinPower appears in a flash in the middle of the gathered villagers. The morning air is cool, and rain is heading toward the village.

"One word, word and I will turn you into chamois butt'r." Penguin states before the dimwitted villager can get out his normal welcome message. Highland145 thinks for a minute and decides its best to let this current thought go, rather than be turned into butt cream.

"Once again, you werewolves are the stupidest of stupids and cannot figure out to eat a villager! Let me help you with this quick tutorial. Open mouth. Insert villager. Close mouth. Repeat 10 times. Swallow. It's simple!" the Penguin exclaims.

And the Penguin is gone.

No one dies this night.

*Day 3 Begins*
Day 2:

After their dismal display of dimwittedness the day previous, the Villagers waste no time in rallying behind Storma and mob voting for the demise of A Casual Fitz. Their cheers and screams summon PenguinPower, who appears with a flash.

"Damn it! Not you again! Go the hell away before I run your stupid visage through! Tyrant!" screams highland145.

"One day, I'll make you eat your words, peasant. But...not today." replies the magnificent PenguinPower. And with that, he sets A Casual Fitz on fire...the screams echo in the twilight as the villagers look on as the fire intensifies and body is reduced to ash. Several of the villagers roast some marshmallows.

PenguinPower exclaims, "Great job you stupid stupids. You killed
the Cursed
! Keep it up and you may all lives your worthless lives awhile longer."

A Casual Fitz -
the Cursed
- is dead!

*Night 2 Begins*
Night 1:

The villagers wake up as the sun slowly rises above the horizon, and gather in the center of the town. They look around trying to find out who is missing from the group, but can't be certain as they sleep has yet to fully leave their eyes. Again, the visage of PenguinPower appears before them, but before he can speak highland145 screams out, "Go the f'ing F away you stupid Penguin."

PenguinPower ignores this and states simply, "You dumb prostitutes are lucky that the werewolves are stupider than you are. They can't even eat a villager correctly!"

No one dies this night.

*Day 2 Begins*

Day 1:

The visage of PenguinPower appears before the villager, visibly upset.

"You had one job. One fecking job, and you couldn't even get that right. How hard is it to get a majority vote for one person over another so they can die and be dead? Screw you all."

The visage disappears. No one dies this day.

*Night 1 Begins*

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

*Blaring orchestral music plays as the text crawls on the screen*

It is a dark time for the village. Werewolves, striking from their hidden lair, have assassinated their king, PenguinPower, and abducted their most…more…attractive prostitutes.

During the abduction, several villagers managed to spot the shadows of the werewolves heading into the woods. They rally together the remaining villagers, prostitutes and all, and set off in search of the dastardly wolves, upset that their prettiest prostitutes have been taken…and somewhat miffed that their king has been killed.

The villagers find the lair of the wolves, but they lie empty. Suddenly, the image of PenguinPower appears before them, stating in an ominous voice:

“I am a god now you petulant peasants! Bow before me!”

None bow.

“Screw you then!” exclaims the visage of the Penguin, “I shall help you all the same. The wolves you seek to kill – to avenge my death…”

PenguinPower is interrupted by highland145 who yells out, “We want to kill them because they took our women. We could give feck all about you.”

“Shut up.” Penguin retorts, “The wolves hide amongst you in villagers clothing. You must be keen of mind to route them out and hang them, lest they do to you what they did to me. Choose wisely, as none of you are that smart…and with that, I am off to enjoy all that godliness offers. Piss off.”

The villagers return to the town as the sun begins to rise. Their task at hand, the accusations begin to fly…

*Day 1 Begins*
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Apr 15, 2002
(Names will to to strikethrough as they are lynched)

People Signed up: 17

akenbennu - [spoler]the Mason[/spoiler]
Xed -
the Hunter
A Casual Fitz -
the Cursed
Chiropteran -
the Werewolf
Bubbles -
the Seer
Charmonium -
the Villager
DixyCrat -
the Cultist
highland145 -
the Werewolf
keird -
the Villager
Possessed Freak -
the Villager

=== Rules ===
You are part of a town and vote to lynch someone. If you're a Wolf, you want to make sure you or your compatriots aren't lynched. If you are part of team "Other" you want to make sure you end up on the winning team.

At night Wolves choose a player to make into a snack. The village wins if there are no more wolves (or the Hunter is the last villager alive). The wolves win if they kill all of the villagers, or make it so they cannot win. Individuals on team "Other" win if they are on the winning team when the game ends.

1. Roles will be decided on after signups.

2. You need to play your role so that everyone else can play.

3. Be as active as you can. Inactivity leads to death and banning from the next game. 1 day/night cycle of inactivity leads to death and banning, unless discussed with me prior.

4. Don't "prove" a role by sharing your PM (etc.)

5. I will post when the day or night ends. If I can end it early I will.

6. Game starts at 1:30pm (Central time) Tuesday, 2/16.

7. You may not directly quote any PM that I send you relating to this game.

8. Werewolves and Masons may have separate chat rooms that stay private. Be friendly.

9. Everyone's night-action goes off at the same time; though some might counter others.

10. Do not chat in the thread during night phase.

11. Do not chat in the thread at all if you have become a meal of any kind.

12. The exact role of any player that dies is revealed.

13. No PMs, except to me.

14. In the event of a tie, there will be no lynch.

You vote to lynch someone by typing their name in bold

Depends on population of village, some may be zero others multiple:

Pro Town

Normal Villager - No special powers. Definitely a prostitute.

Seer - Each night, he will have a vision of one other player (his choice). The
player's true nature (villager or werewolf) will be revealed to him.

Masons - Begin the game knowing each other's identities. No recruiting...they are too selective an organization, but they do have their secret meeting room.

Witness - Once per game, may witness a werewolf (chosen randomly) killing the night's victim. The werewolf will also see the witness.

Monk - Each night, he may meditate on one person who voted for the party lynched that day. That player's role will be revealed to him. If he wishes, he may send this information (anonymously) to all the other players in a vision by contacting God (me)

Governor - Once per game, he may pre-empt a normal lynching and decide to execute any player he chooses.

Prince - The first time this player is to be lynched, his role is revealed and the lynching is called off. This will count as a successful lynching and no one will be hung that night

Knight - Cannot be killed by a werewolf attack. If chosen as the target of a werewolf attack, the villagers will be told that no-one was killed that night.

Hunter - If he is the last villager alive, the villagers win. If he is lynched, he may kill any player before he dies.

Bodyguard- Each night, he may protect one person. He may not protect the same person two nights in a row, and may not protect himself. If the protected person is attacked by werewolves, the villagers will be told that no-one was killed that night.

Werewolf Roles:

Cultist - A traitor who helps the werewolves, though they don't know who he is. While he counts as a villager, he wins if the werewolves win.

Common Werewolves - Your standard half-man, half-wolf creature of the night. They know each other's identities.

Alpha Wolf - Much like a regular werewolf, just bigger and hairier (with worse breath). If he is lynched, he may kill any player before he dies.

Team "Other" Roles:

Doppleganger - Starts teamless. Picks a player. When that player dies, the Doppleganger secretly becomes that player's role. The Doppleganger can jump only one time.

Cursed - Starts on team villager. If he is chosen by the werewolves as a victim, he becomes another werewolf. The villagers will be told that no-one was killed that night.
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Apr 15, 2002
Please note that there has been a role change. After considering the feedback from previous games, the Masons will know each other's identities, but will not be able to recruit new masons. Hopefully, this will help balance the game.


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Apr 15, 2002
We had 16 with the last one. Let's try to get there again. Where's, Juju. The procrastinator.


Feb 3, 2005
We had 16 with the last one. Let's try to get there again. Where's, Juju. The procrastinator.
Procrastination comes from Latin procrastinatio, which ultimately comes from pro (for) and cras (tomorrow). I just like to save things for tomorrow.

I'm in.

Dr. Zaus

Oct 16, 2008
x 10^Penguin : You could send some IMs, the last games capping at 10 lost us some regulars.


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May 15, 2015
I sent pm's to Keird, Highland14, Arcenite, Dustb0wlkid, Possesed Freak, Ctbaar, ElFenix with the link.

We might want to extend the deadline a few hours depending on how many people respond.

I couldn't find a player list for game 10 so if I missed anyone let me know or feel free to contact them yourself. Thanks.


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Jan 18, 2002
I sent pm's to Keird, Highland14, Arcenite, Dustb0wlkid, Possesed Freak, Ctbaar, ElFenix with the link.

We might want to extend the deadline a few hours depending on how many people respond.

I couldn't find a player list for game 10 so if I missed anyone let me know or feel free to contact them yourself. Thanks.

I didn't get your pm. I'm in, though. Pick my new in-game fettish!