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An oral presentation explaining why conservatives don't understand the 1st Amendment

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Aug 5, 2000
Democrats have no monopoly on facts or logic.

Agreed to a certain degree. Before Trump took over, there was a certain threshold in the body politic whereby stretching the truth to the point of it becoming a lie was artful, there was a sense of finesse in being deceitful where even our media refused to use the word "liar". Still, by my reckoning, the Repub party was way ahead of the Dems as far as the telling "untruths".

Comes now one Donald Trump where his constant lying became in vogue with the Repub party. His being blatant about lying permitted the media to react to it where his being called a liar by the media wasn't a problem anymore. It had gotten that bad.

The Repub party had no choice but to not only put up with his constant lying, the party had to support his lies with lies of their own, driving the number of lies being told by Trump and his supporters through the roof while the Democrats stood back and away from that spectacle and didn't have the need nor the notion to get caught in that spiral.
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Jul 13, 2005
Democrats have no monopoly on facts or logic.
actually they do........lets fact check Trumps first 100 days in office as opposed to Biden`s first 100 days in office.......no comparison -- Biden is sqquesky clran compared to Trump!!!


Nov 27, 2001
I think you can sum up some of it with one word… victimhood. There seems to be this awkward mentality among some on the right where their way is the only correct way. This is part of the reason why discourse is nearly impossible with them as there’s no desire to deviate from the plan (compromise = lose). If you disagree with them, they shun you. You can look at Romney at the GOP conference or Cruz’s op-ed about Georgian companies for examples of that.