Americans support war in Iraq 2-to-1, poll finds

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Nov 17, 2002
Originally posted by: WinstonSmith
Originally posted by: DragonMasterAlex
Pull your head out of your ass, please. Pay attention this time.

I never said you made ANY claims about Eminent Domain, *I* brought it up!

I never said you made any claims about Charitable giving, *I* brought it up!

You've defended your "alternative methods" of meeting the needs of those who don't produce; obviously your "alternative methods" means "alternative to voluntary charity," which means that the government provides some sort of handout. Where does the government get money for Handouts, Bowfinger? From people who DO produce. Observe the chain of events, here, simpleton: The government takes money from Peter(via taxation) to give it to Paul who won't get a job or who won't get an education or some skill so he can get a DECENT job. Taking the earnings of one private citizen and providing them to another is THEFT, and it's just as morally wrong as when the government uses the power of Eminent Domain to take away the homes of private citizens so they can give the land to Costco to build another store.

I didn't claim you SAID that people are Greedy, Cynical monsters, I claimed, and I think rightly so, that your attitude, particularly your insistence that charity is inadequate and requires "Alternative methods" (ie, theft) to provide for those who won't work, indicates that you think of others as greedy (in spite of their 241 BILLION dollars of charity in 2002 alone...)

Regarding your Cynical Hatred of Man, see the above.

I never said that YOU overtly claimed every job deserves a high wage regardless of skill level. Where you came up with that one, I'd really like to know.

The phrase about "Liberty Leads to Serfdom" was coined by me as a paraphrase to something that you said regarding allowing Wal Mart to continue operating its business as it does. As I recall there was also a bit about "unfettered Capitalism," though you did use the word Serfdom in there (though curiously I can't find it on a search now...who's been doing editing, BF?)

As for Extoling the virtues of Slavery, as I've already pointed out before, when you make defense for your "alternative methods" of providing for the needs of those who WON'T provide for themselves, you are talking about taking the bread from those who have earned it and giving some of it to those who have not, with their NEED as their claim, and you give the earners NO CHOICE in whether their money is given away in that fashion. Paint it any color you want, the man who works for the benefit of another without payment is a SLAVE. Of course, you want to give it a new name and call it an "alternative method" for meeting the needs of those who WON'T meet their own needs.

Sorry, BF, but the only liar on this one is YOU, and it's abundantly clear that you are so wrapped up in your dishonesty that you'll just keep on trying to justify it. Absolutely pathetic.


I am sending this to the Oxford Dictionary people.

"To Whom it may concern,
I wish to bring it to your attention that Jason has discovered a serious flaw in the English language. Please see this llink
He and a few others insist that your definition of slavery is incorrect and must be amended to suit his needs here. Thank you for your time, and I take it on faith that you will act appropriately.

Best Regards'

PS, I have a couple of requests as well, as follows.

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength

Thanks again, as I am looking forward to the DMA approved Newspeak version of you fine dictionary."