AMD vs Intel--again

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Jul 5, 2000

<< motoamd,

<< Don't AMD and Intel both now have high heat issues? or did that help Intel going to .13um? >>

Intel really got help with heat going from .18um aluminum to .13um copper. AMD will be going from a superior .18um copper process to a .13um process in about four months on the desktop, two months for notebooks. As it is now, a P4 1.6A overclocked to 2650MHz produces about the same amount of heat as a stock AMD Athlon 2000+ (1666MHz). An extra 1000MHz for the same core temperatures--that's pretty impressive, don't you think? It will be interesting to see how Thoroughbred's temperatures compare in four or five months.

Intel at .13 um copper? I thought it was just Al, hard to keep up with Intel stuff mobo's and CPU's with Anand not doing much lately. If Anand said something in the new Northwoods, must of missed it :(

But Intel with "1000 Mhz" more is so-so IMO and being considerably "better"..... but I do like the new Northwoods with the 512k cache, I'll give them credit for that one!