A gay man's mass email to his family demanding they stop voting for Republicans went viral. His dad said it helped change his mind.

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Feb 6, 2002
Promiscuity leads to the transmission of sexually transmissible diseases between men and women, etc. So yes, we must ensure communities remain free and safe from such places of ill repute. That includes brothels.
And abstinence only is the way to go. Worked real well for the Palins and the Boberts.

The public was unaware of the disease and Reagan was too much of a coward to act until it was too late.


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Jul 15, 2003
Reagan wasn't a coward. He was a horrible monster with nothing to fear and he had a gung-ho attitude about everything, including the lunches kids ate. Specifically kids like me.
The reason he ignored AIDS was he thought it was purely a gay disease and he had every intention of letting gays die in mass numbers.
It was never a purely gay disease. That story of the gay flight attendant being the first in America was pure lies. He was one of the first to be famous cuz that was their agenda. The bathhouses in San Francisco were just a convenient place for the CDC to start monitoring. They also got to be famous or infamous because it was a convenient narrative.
So straight people all over the world just assumed they were fine and continued having casual sex like they'd been doing for decades. Because Reagan did nothing when he could have done everything. He's the reason we had an epidemic that still rolls on today but doesn't get any media attention thanks to a string of Republicans that repeatedly ignore socio-economic issues while the nation collapses and they get votes. And if you are wondering why people keep bringing this up it may be related to Donald trying to ignore and then downplay a new disease that killed 1 million Americans in a much shorter time than AIDS did. And the best part about that is the propaganda machine supporting him is also culpable because millions of fucktards watch religiously and believe everything they see and hear. COVID wasn't real, then it was real but couldn't make it to America, then it made it to America but it wouldn't kill anyone. Then it killed people but it was very few and they were old and sick anyway and besides people need to go to work like nothing was happening and keep producing so billionaires would not be adversely affected and frankly, this shit is tiresome.
Republicans inability to do ANYTHING except win elections is the main reason we are in trouble and has been since at least the Nixon years.

Also if you are too lazy or too stupid to read books and articles about this crisis, there was a movie made about it. You can watch that instead but its got big words and real social commentary which is also probably too much for a person who refuses to read books.



Oct 18, 2005
Your mind is a place of ill repute (not to mention irrational fear.)

Such a pathetic, scared little man you are.
Its why for the protection of society Felix needs to be removed from it. I made sure to add him to the list of traitors who need to be reeducated maintained by Bill Gates and George Soros. With Bed Bath and Beyond closing a bunch of stores we're almost up to enough space to open the reeducation centers and the master plan can be unleashed.