8_10_12 GB VRAM not enough

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Aug 14, 2000
Videos of multiple games having problems


Resident Evil Village
3060TI/3070 tanks at 4K and is slower than the 3060/6700XT when ray tracing:


Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Resident Evil 2

Portal RTX
Without DLSS 3060 is faster than the 3070/3080TI/2080TI. Even with DLSS 3060 is still faster than 3070.


Company of Heroes
3060 has a higher minimum than the 3070TI, even at just 1080p.


10GB / 12GB
Plague Tale, 3080 10GB tanks if you enable ray tracing, would be fast enough if it had more VRAM because if you stop moving, the framerate stabilizes to >60FPS.

Hogwarts Legacy 4K + RT, 4060Ti 16GB is faster than 4070 12GB.

Reasons why 8GB nine years after first release isn't NV's fault.

  1. It's the player's fault.
  2. It's the reviewer's fault.
  3. It's the developer's fault.
  4. It's AMD's fault.
  5. It's the game's fault.
  6. It's the driver's fault.
  7. It's a system configuration issue.
  8. Wrong settings were tested.
  9. Wrong area was tested.
  10. Wrong games were tested.
  11. 4K is irrelevant.
  12. Texture quality is irrelevant as long as it matches a console's.
  13. Detail levels are irrelevant as long as they match a console's.
  14. There's no reason a game should use more than 8GB, because a random forum user said so.
  15. It's completely acceptable for the more expensive 3070/3070TI/3080 to turn down settings while the cheaper 3060/6700XT has no issue.
  16. It's an anomaly.
  17. It's a console port.
  18. It's a conspiracy against NV.
  19. 8GB cards aren't meant for 4K / 1440p / 1080p / 720p gaming.
  20. It's completely acceptable to disable ray tracing on NV while AMD has no issue.
  21. Polls, hardware market share, and game title count are evidence 8GB is enough, but are totally ignored when they don't suit the ray tracing agenda.

According to some people here, 8GB is neeeevaaaaah NV's fault and the objective evidence below "doesn't count" because of reasons(tm) above. If you have others please let me know and I'll add them to the list. Cheers!
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Aug 22, 2001
As 9th gen consoles are now the standard, it's evident that 8GB is the new 4GB.

I don't mind that the games are so demanding though. I play on my 1080 TV most of the time now. And unless the new game is on game pass or came with hardware I bought, there is very little chance I will play it before the next gen of cards is here. Not paying anywhere near full price for a game. Even with game pass I may not get around to titles I am not pumped about any time soon.

The Avatar requirements want a fairly beefy CPU just to play with no RT. It'll be interesting to see if that's on point or not. All three vendors upscalers being included is good to see. That will stop some pearl clutching and save some fainting couches. :p


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Sep 16, 2009
In other news, since the op decided to include 12GB cards as well, allow me to post my Alan Wake II run. (non monetized channel)

No need to watch it really. I will post my findings in text.

-Overall, for 4k/dlss quality/1440p real resolution/high preset/low post processing, it looks great and runs fine.
-12GB Vram is not an issue. Gpu processing power is. According to gamegpu, the 4070ti is faster than the 6950xt at 1440p. It IS heavy on the vram, but not spilling over.
-The game streams like crazy. The above run is done from an external patriot usb dongle with an adata sx8200 2TB nvme inside. Max speed with the connection it has on this system is less than 500MB/sec (max spec speed is 1TB/sec but my cable is not up to it). The data streaming is monitored in msi afterburner's OSD. It casually jumps to 300MB/sec. It reads A LOT of data. I am not seeing a directstorage.dll in the folder, but it may have been implemented differently. I am not sure I am liking this trend, where the devs opt to stream data from the storage like crazy, instead of using the gobbles of pc system ram.
-I started the run with post prossessing at high initially, but quickly changed it to low. The transition is shown at the second minute and the visuals do not change by much. The gpu load saved, is more important for the fluidity of the game. There is some shimmering in the distance, when the camera focuses on the foreground, due to that. At 8:47 for example, there is shimmering on the windows.
-It is very light on the cpu (with no RT at least), that's why I wanted to test it on the 2500k. I fully believe its doable. I opened a ticket for that. Let's see what happens.
-RT is no go for the 4070ti. I swear to god, this game will be playable at native 4k maxed, only on the 6090, mark my words.

Side note, according to gamegpu tech's findings, 8GB cards don't have a problem either. The 4060ti (I hear pitchforks being sharpened) is quite a bit faster than the 6700xt for example and the 3060ti quite a bit faster than the 3060. I will be testing this on the 3060ti of course and if I see irrecoverable problems, I WILL post them.

So from where I am standing, the most advanced pc game to date, does not have an immediate vram problem, although I will need my own 8GB testing.
Quoting myself, since I also uploaded my 3060ti run, if anyone cares. (non monetized channel-just for fun)

I am super impressed by the 3060ti. It essentially manages 4070ti quality gaming, but at lower resolution which is OK, because the system at that location has a 1080p panel. I mean I am using straight 1080p high, no dlss here.

This run is on a proper orthodox pcie3.0 nvme, but unfortunately the perfcounter.dll of msi afterburner, has stopped returning info for some reason, on this system. I will need to visit msi ab forum to ask about that,hmm...

As was already said, there are some pop ins, in the distance, easily noticable while I walk towards the police station, but these were also happening on the 4070ti, which had another 2GB vram to spare, so the game is A-Ok with the 3060ti's 8GB framebuffer. If the devs decided to help 8GBs card with this decision, or if it is something that will be fixed later, I cannot know. I am going to keep this one on the 8GBs are fine for this one though. History has written, that on the Gen9 consoles, you get 850p/low/med settings and their increased framebuffer aint helping once again.

I don't know how to make side by side videos, so here's a youtube multiplier link, for the walk towards the police station.


In hindsight, I messed up the brightness levels on the 3060ti run, hmm...
Jul 27, 2020
nGreedia needs to create an affordable "pure" card for the purists. Just straight up raster. No RT/no DLSS. They can peddle those features to people with more money than sense. If anyone wants upscaling on their "pure" card, they can use XeSS or FSR2. And RT is not a required feature. There is no game that I know of, that will simply refuse to run because dedicated RT cores are not detected.


Oct 1, 2010
I started a thread last year when I was looking to build a new system for my daughter for Hogwarts Legacy. People were shocked at the requirements. But the recommended specs for Hogwarts are the minimum specs for Avatar! o_O o_O o_O

Hogwarts is really a crossgen game. They only dropped the previous gen (at first) to get it out quicker.


Aug 14, 2000
We're still alpha testers buying 2k$ cards

Path Tracing...
It's not even the same car in the reflection, look at the rear lights. Also the rear windscreen doesn't reflect the sky.

Funny, were repeatedly were told "wray traycing" automatically works correctly everywhere with a simple switch and doesn't require developer effort. o_O

Guys, guys, the problem must be the "wrong settings" being used. Clearly the answer here is to drop down to 320x240 and upscale from there. Clearly, yo.

Argh tee ex, the way it's meant to be played(tm).

Also, this has nothing to do with VRAM. Can future ray tracing/DLSS stuff please be posted in the right thread? Thanks.

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Apr 15, 2012
It's not even the same car in the reflection

Must be the AI ray reconstruction. This time, it was so fast, it actually went back in time to when a different car was parked there and reconstructed the rays of that car's reflection! Seriously though, I don't know what is going on with RT/PT reflections in this game, but they are wonky. The tree reflections are all messed up too.
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Jul 27, 2020
If they need to "check" whether RT/PT is working correctly after turning it on, it's a fail. Something wrong with the basic algorithm or they are just using fake RT/PT with "tricks" to speed it up. Curious to see what that image looks like on RDNA3/RDNA2.
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Jan 31, 2011
If they need to "check" whether RT/PT is working correctly after turning it on, it's a fail. Something wrong with the basic algorithm or they are just using fake RT/PT with "tricks" to speed it up. Curious to see what that image looks like on RDNA3/RDNA2.

I don't think it would be meaningfully different on a Radeon. If it were, it would be extremely weird.