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  1. Dankk

    Now that WattMan allows you to modify every P-state, has this changed the way you undervolt your Vega?

    Title, basically. Over the past year, I've been accustomed to only changing the P6 and P7 states on my Vega 64. I usually set both of these to 1000mv for my particular undervolt. But now that WattMan allows you to change every P-State, I wonder if I should do something differently? I've noticed...
  2. Murloc

    Seeking comments on new build based on Ryzen Vega, quieter/smaller form factor/integrated graphics/retired-casual gamer/movie watching

    I've been living with a gt610 since my gtx 265 broke and playing some e-sports games with the minimum settings once every few weeks hasn't made me miss a gaming PC at all. I watch more TV serials instead too so quietness has become more important and I'd like to tend more towards an HTPC. I...
  3. tamz_msc

    Previously leaked AMD "Fenghuang" is a semi-custom APU for Chinese console/gaming PC

    4C/8T Ryzen @3GHz and 24CU Vega @ 1.3 GHz on single chip with 8GB GDDR5.
  4. EXCellR8

    Help Me Diagnose This, Out of Ideas Now

    Decided that this deserved its own thread; I've mentioned this before somewhere (maybe in Vega builders) but it's still not fixed. So, here we go... sorry in advance for the length. [system in question is first in my signature below, the Ryzen 1700 computer] Started a few weeks ago while...
  5. Dayman1225

    Vega Nano spotted on HWBOT. 1156/800 (Core/Mem)

    Vega Nano
  6. H

    AMD Vega HBCC at 4K

    I mentioned in the other thread (now locked) that I would upload a video of gaming at 4k with Metro:LL Redux on my Vega 56 with HBCC on versus off and I finally have it. It's a very short video and has 0 production value but it shows the effect in this title. I will try to upload more and better...
  7. nathanddrews

    AMD Vega (FE and RX) Benchmarks [Updated Aug 10 - RX Vega 64 Unboxing]

    I'll try to update this thread as more benchmarks and details emerge. $499 RX Vega 64, $399 RX Vega 56 Launching August 14 Ryzen bundles, gaming bundles, FreeSync monitor bundles, watercooled variants, STRIX variants... ALL THE THINGS! Vega 64 Review Sample Unboxing
  8. B

    AMD Unveils the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition: Vega Starts in the Pros [Anandtech] This is the Professional based card, not the gaming one.
  9. S

    Xbox One X (Scorpio) SoC Discussion

    April 6, 2017 Update Original Thread: New interview with Albert Penello sheds some light on their plans for the console. What we Know (E3 2016 Info) ''Project Scorpio'' 8 Core CPU 6 TFLOPS of computing capability (SoC) / 6 TFLOPS of GPU power >320 GB/s Bandwidth* Backwards Compatible...