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  1. mr overpaid

    Underutilization of hardware in Fortnite

    I’m running it an issue when playing Fortnite on performance mode. The game only utilises 30-40% of my cpu and gpu, so I feel like I’m leaving performance on the table. When I play the game with DX11 or DX12 I get much higher usage, around 80-100%. I prefer to play on performance mode as it...
  2. FlameTail

    Question What are the odds that my phone will get bricked in a software update?

    So my phone is ready to upgrade to the next version of Android, which is a MAJOR software update. So i am asking what are the chances that my phone will be bricked in the process? Note: I am not trying to install a custom Android OS like Lineage or do some other crazy thing. Just getting the...
  3. M

    Question Facing issues with my software

    We have a software for converting images into PDFs, and we are facing some issue in regards with the overall conversion process. We figured that there is a huge number of bugs in the code that are causing failure. Is there a way to evaluate the overall code quality of the software before the...
  4. Audrey Teles

    Solved! Is there a way to run an .EXE file on a mobile device? Keeping all its functions? So that the software works well?

    I would like desktop software to work on a mobile device, even if some change has to be made to your operating system. Regardless of what needs to be done on the mobile device in order for this program to work, I'm willing to test it since the device is a quad core M9 Multilaser tablet with...
  5. J

    Discussion Security in SharePoint

    So our organization had decided to adopt a board management solution. Given that most of us are working remotely and taking into concern the safety of our board members we thought we should also have a board management solution so that our the members can stay connected and organize virtual...
  6. EXCellR8

    Question Acronis TI & Macrium Reflect No Longer Work

    I am no longer able to make backups of my OS drive with either Acronis True Image 2019 or Macrium Reflect 7.2; the process of imaging does not seem to initialize or start. Reflect mentioned something about VSS failing to verify or something; Acronis just stays at 0% (calculating time...
  7. M

    Question Test PSU for Failures Inside Windows?

    Hey guys. So I am having an issue with my PC and I want to pinpoint the problem. Right now I am suspicious that the PSU might be faulty. It is a stock PSU that came with the case and I have never tested it. I am not knowledgeable about electronics and I certainly don't have any equipment to...
  8. C

    i am looking for statistic analysis software

    Hello I am looking for software that analyses statistics and gives me the probabilities for an outcome,especially for soccer matches i mean to provide all the history data of two teams and give me the probabilities of a result i.e. Team A scores 50% of their games and concedes a goal 33% of...
  9. I

    Regarding Digital Note-Taking Apps

    Hi, till now I used EverNote but I came to know that Evernote employees can access our notes from the backend but Evernote in their new policy in 2017 said that they WON'T anymore. Article -...
  10. I

    What email client to get?

    Hi, I've got multiple business email accounts as well as a couple of personal accounts. And it's just boring and wasting of huge time to check individual email accounts throughout the day. I need to check emails almost 10-20 times in every 30 minutes throughout the entire day and going to...
  11. I

    Any way to backup "ALL" contents to cloud?

    Hi Anandtech, hope you all are having an awesome day :D Now, I want to keep daily works as backup into the cloud and that includes my business and personal things on daily basis. But I want a good trustable cloud service who won't look into my personal as well as business files because face it...
  12. W

    Gaming PC has terrible FPS, resources barely dented.

    I usually build my own PCs from scratch and install everything myself, but an opportunity arose. Gaming PC for 200$, Core i7, 12GB RAM, 1TB HDD, two bridged GeForce GTX 460 graphics cards, I took it. Though, this PC has unverified Windows 10 (working on getting a key) and seemingly has a lot of...
  13. W

    Gaming PC terrible FPS in any game, resources barely dented.

    Reposted in software section Closed as this has been cross-posted. admin allisolm
  14. G

    Looking for Password Manager recommendations?

    Hi, till now I have been keeping all my passwords in notepad and manually copying it where it is needed to sign in. It's kinda difficult and even more difficult in mobile. So, I was looking at Dashlane and LastPass and sometimes ago I heard that LastPass database was hacked so upon googling, I...
  15. M

    Multithreading file encryption (AES256) product for Microsoft Windows

    Does anybody know any file encryption products for Microsoft Windows (AES256 cryptography) that would be working multithreading, i.e. encrypting multiple files at the same time? What I found on the market is VeraCrypt and AXCrypt solutions. Does anybody know any other products? I mean good...
  16. F

    Mining software for windows (AMD RX 580)

    Hi! I was using NiceHash for mining. Since they went offline I can not find any alternative for mining on AMD hardware. What are you using? Any tips would be very appreciated :)
  17. A

    How to list files in directory with filtering on some audio file attributes ?

    How to search and list files in directory (like dir command) with filtering on some audio file attributes ? The attribute is in general but what I need is bitrate or bit depth. Windows has attribute filter like dir /a:d, dir /a:h or dir /a:L but not any of the audio ones. Anyone came across a...
  18. K

    Huge issue with NPM (Node.js software)

    I initially downloaded the node.js software so that I could create my own bot in Discord (Unrelated). In doing so, I began the process of this form The process where it says run "npm install winston...
  19. F

    Password recovery software for Windows 10

    I have an old Windows 7 laptop that was upgraded to Windows 10 recently. I set a password for it the other day and unfortunately forgot it as I don't use it quite often. This sounds stupid but it is true. So I did some homework online and tested two well-known programs: Ophcrack and NT...
  20. episodic

    Any good free or low cost alternatives for HDR creation?

    I tried a few of the free ones. I don't want to spend $99 dollars, but would be open to 20-30 dollars if it works well. Thanks for thoughts!
  21. S

    Document management/organizing software suggestions for home

    Hi I am trying to go paperless or at least keep a digital copy of all my family's relevant documents in one place organized. I know it's going to be hard job but would like to do something good this xmas! Would you have any suggestions for a free document management and organizing software...
  22. B

    Recommendation on a easy to learn cartoon animation software

    Hi everyone, new here and was hoping to get some feedback from experienced software users. I am looking for a 2d cartoon animation software that is easy to learn and does not require any artistic skills. I work at a daycare and wanted to create short cartoons (15 to 20 minutes long) for our...
  23. A

    Adding French Accents on Microsoft Word | Avery Eisenreich

    Although you can use symbols to create French letters in your documents, recent versions of Microsoft Word include shortcut keys that allow you to add French accent marks from a standard U.S. keyboard. Does anyone have the link to the correct list of shortcut keys? Avery Eisenreich