Discussion Security in SharePoint


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Oct 6, 2020
So our organization had decided to adopt a board management solution. Given that most of us are working remotely and taking into concern the safety of our board members we thought we should also have a board management solution so that our the members can stay connected and organize virtual meetings and manage all other board tasks from their home. While we had many suggestions, we were also concerned about the safety of our data. That is why we decided to go with a SharePoint based board management software, considering that the solution will be based in our SharePoint server rather than in a third party's. Also most our board members are experienced with SharePoint so training costs can also be reduced. But there has been many discussions on the safety of SharePoint, there is still no clear decision as to whether we should adopt such a solution or opt for a different one. I thought i could get the inputs of professionals in the field and present it to speed up the decision making process. what's your take on this? Is SharePoint really safe, would it be the right decision to invest in such a solution now?
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