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  1. SlowSpyder

    Let's clear the air on something. Trump never called white supremacists or neo-Nazis "very fine people."

    This never happened, it was a fake news narrative by leftist media outlets. CNN and such simply used footage of a neo-Nazi protest from the night before the statue removal protests, some of those neo-Nazis were at the protests the next day, but on that next night was indeed a mixture of people...
  2. SlowSpyder

    Trump congratulates second overall draft pick Nick Bosa.

    I saw Trump's message on my FB feed this morning, loved it. :D Bosa had to...
  3. SlowSpyder

    Wheelchair bound man starts on fire while smoking, dies.

    In America smoking kills far more in a single year than all gun-related deaths combined over the course of an entire decade. Why aren't anti-2A politicians more obsessed with this MUCH bigger killer that affects minorities and the poor disproportionately? This guy in particular burst into...
  4. SlowSpyder

    Handsome Her goes bust.

    This cafe, owned by lesbian bigots, charged a 18% "man tax" a week per month in an effort to charge men extra for the imaginary wage gap between men and women. Happy to see these bigots are closing down shop...
  5. SlowSpyder

    Should convicted locked up terrorists have the right to vote?

    In their ever increasing in speed push left of common sense, at least one leading leftist politician is claiming that even convicted terrorists in prison should be allowed to vote. I could be open to this for certain crimes, but for the most part I'm fine with the right to vote being suspended...
  6. SlowSpyder

    599 shot in Chicago YTD. Must be that white nationalist threat I hear so much about here. Wait scratch that... Good site to keep up on the violence in Democrat stronghold Chicago. I hear on this forum how white nationalism is potentially the biggest threat we face today. How many of those shootings do you believe were white nationalists?
  7. SlowSpyder

    Militia defends America's borders from invaders. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a...
  8. SlowSpyder

    Maxine Waters, chair of the Finance Committee, tries to blame banks for student loan debt. Doesn't seem to realize Obama nationalized in 2010.

    I love how she abruptly ends the line of questioning once she realized how dumb her questions are (yes, there is a such thing as dumb questions). She obviously had no idea that the government has been in charge of student loans, aka she is part of the problem. I haven't seen a politician this...
  9. SlowSpyder

    Rashida Tlaib defends Omar's comments, "Some people did something," says these are just attacks on women of color (aka racism).
  10. SlowSpyder

    34% of those that attended Trump's rally in Michigan were Democrats

    Looks like more people are seeing the light. Trump is GOOD for America, despite the left's nonstop smear campaign. I myself was against him at first, but clearly he is putting America first and the country is doing great with him in office. Could even more traditionally Democrat states flip...
  11. SlowSpyder

    Candace Owens calls it like it is, rips Democrats in House Judiciary Committee Hearing. White nationalist hate crimes are NOT increasing.

    I've been saying it for a while here, the left are the dividers and real racists today. It used to be only the GOP was good at creating a boogeyman and using the fear for votes, today the Democrats are far better at it. Highlights: 1:20 - KKK are Democrats 1:50 - She isn't useful to the...
  12. SlowSpyder

    YAIIMT - Illegal immigrant murders woman, he was not deported due to sanctuary policy.

    Yet another illegal immigrant murder thread. He was deported but came back (build the...
  13. SlowSpyder

    Democrat hopefuls looking to pay reparations to people that have never been slaves.

    Democrats are hypocrites volume 9084388948297 They keep going further and further left, keep lowering the bar. So, Democrats think people that are generations removed from slavery, people that have never...
  14. SlowSpyder

    Mike Pence is NOT anti-gay. Good opinion piece by a member of the LGBT community. The author admits that Pence didn't handle the Indiana Religious Freedoms Restoration Act as well as he could have, but then points...
  15. SlowSpyder

    Jesse Lee Peterson, a man of color, destroys white privilege.

    This whole idea that someone gets ahead or is pulled back in life due to their race is absolute bullshit. It is outdated thinking liberals push as they continue their push to swap places with conservatives and become the party of old thinking and outdated ideals while the conservatives move...
  16. SlowSpyder

    Sweden is not a socialist success. It is more private and free market than America.

    Interesting video showing how Sweden is actually more privatized than America in many ways. Sounds like they have some good policies in place. The free market is almost always better. This is just another truth bomb that shows how out of touch today's liberals are with reality.
  17. ch33zw1z

    News Setback for conspiracy nutters

    I would just like take a moment to remember a horrific tragedy in our country, and remember how millions on people choose willful ignorance and hate in spite of facts. I hope Infowars and all their faux news burns to the ground...