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  1. Darklighter

    Question Adding SATA drive to new Windows 10 install stops booting

    This is a first for me: Just did a major upgrade on my roommate's computer (CPU - Intel 11th Gen/RAM - 16GB/Mobo - Gigabyte Z590 Gaming X/Storage - 2TB Firecuda NVME). I installed Windows 10 on the new NVME drive, no issues, even after several reboots. When I try to add one of his old SATA...
  2. F

    Question Im buying a new M.2 SSD for my system, but I have my boot drive (Samsung 860 EVO 500GB), what to do? (Read Thread for more info)

    I have a ASUS B350F STRIX motherboard, and I want to install a 1TB 970 EVO, HOWEVER, doing so would disable SATA6G_ 5 - 6. My bootdrive is in one of those two slots, so to allow my M.2 SSD to work properly, is it a good idea to to plug my boot drive into a different SATA port (all of them run at...
  3. WelshBloke

    So. Weird problem.

    I have a 1tb HDD that I can see in a usb cradle but if I plug it into a sata port I can't see it in Windows device manager or Disk management. It shows up in the BIOS as connected and exhibits the same behaviour across several sata ports. Crystal disk info gives it a good report through USB but...
  4. T

    HDD (IDE to SATA) is very slow in Windows 7, but fine in XP (Resolved)

    Having a bunch of working IDE drives, I got an IDE to SATA converter so that I can use them as a sort of scratch disk on my computer with no IDE ports. The problem is that in Windows 7 the HDD is very slow. Since I happen to have a working XP installation on this computer as well (dual boot), I...
  5. A

    ASRock z97 extreme 9 and PCIe lanes

    After hours of videos, guides, and forums, I am still confused about how pcie lanes from CPU's and mobos work so I was hoping someone can shed some more light for me. I currently have an i7 4790k which claims to have a max number of 16 lanes via up to 1x16, 2x8, 1x8+2x4. However due to this...
  6. abungas

    2.5 inch HDD in 3.5 inch enclosure

    I know this may be a strange question, but I am wondering if it's okay to install a laptop HDD into a USB enclosure intended for full sized drives. I presume it is as you know sata power and data connectors are standard. My concern is that the 3.5 enclosure is powered with 12 volts, which IIRC...
  7. E

    Configuring SATA RAID 1 on ASUS Z270E

    I am building a new workstation using an ASUS Z270E Motherboard. SATA Drive Configuration - Port 0 - 275GB SSD Port 5 - 1TB SSD Port 6 - 1TB SSD Running Windows 10 Professional on the 275GB SSD (Drive C) My intention is to create a RAID 1 setup for Drive D, comprised of the two 1 TB SSD I...
  8. C

    Will dropping to SATA2 exacerbate or hide random read performance differences between SSDs?

    Let's consider two different SATA3 SSDs and put them in SATA2 ports. Will the delta in random read showed by benchmarks increase, decrease or stay the same?
  9. M

    10mm 5V cooler instead of laptop's dvd??? (slimline sata)

    Hi there. My laptop is super hot! (already replaced thermal grease, didn't help much :p) so I am going to replace my laptop's internal DVD drive with a fan. Initially found two possible "solutions" : 1)...