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  1. solidsnake1298

    Question ARC not working for TV's built-in streaming apps

    My parents bought a new Sony TV a few months ago. A X800H, I believe. They also have a Sony 7.1 receiver. Previously they watched Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime Video via a Chromecast connected to the TV and audio got to the receiver via ARC. But the X800H has Android TV and they've been using...
  2. Q

    Question Setting up ONLY Rear speakers with TV for audio

    So I have a unique situation for the time being. The house I purchased a few years back came with rear speakers pre-installed and I haven't used them yet. For the past two years, we've been using only audio from our TV (which hasn't been the greatest). I recently picked up a used receiver...
  3. D

    Connecting my AV receiver to my home network

    Hi, I am trying to connect my Denon AV receiver to my home internet network. The receiver has a wired ethernet port, but no wireless. My modem and router are upstairs, and the receiver is downstairs in a room that I have just retrofitted to be a home theater. I'm trying to decide what the best...
  4. S

    Need a new sound system for my new home

    I just moved from a 1 bedroom apartment to a house where the upstairs 'attic' is a full-on entertainment den. Mid-way in the room I have a 60" flatscreen mounted on the wall centered on the couch that is ~13 feet back flush against the opposite wall -- which is the main seating area of...
  5. I

    Is my reciever powerful enough?

    I have a yamaha rx- v573. Klipsch synergy s-10(2*)polk audio TSiCS10, Polk csi300(2*). I have a polk psw10 sub. Does my reciever put out enough power. If not what would you recommend. Thanks.