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Question Setting up ONLY Rear speakers with TV for audio


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Apr 8, 2019
So I have a unique situation for the time being. The house I purchased a few years back came with rear speakers pre-installed and I haven't used them yet. For the past two years, we've been using only audio from our TV (which hasn't been the greatest). I recently picked up a used receiver (STR-K650P) and needed some help.

I was hoping to set up our system so that we use the rear speakers for the 2 channels for the rear and all of the remaining (Center, Left, and Right) to be played by the TV. This is a temporary fix until we buy the remaining speakers (but this may be a few years down the road)

Do you have any suggestions on how exactly to set this up?

This is what I was thinking.
  • TosLink cable to connect my TV audio out to the receiver (Vizio D60-D3 to STR-K650P).
  • Use the two cables that came pre-installed rear speakers to connect them to the receiver.
  • I'm a little stuck on how to send the audio for the remaining channels back to the TV (Would I need to run a wire from the receiver back to the TV? If so would there be a separate wire for each channel? Sorry I'm a little lost here).
Let me know if I can clarify anything or if you think this is a bad idea! I'm completely new to the audio/home theater world, so any suggestions would be appreciated.
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